Nintendo DSi vs. Sony PSP Go

It's the portable gaming debate that will never go away. Can Sony's all-download, UMD-free PSP Go gaming handheld take down the Nintendo DSi?

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Hedgey posted a comment   

U can tell the winner unless ur blind. PSP Go is best because, well look at it has a good layout, graphics,bluetooth,multimedia and downloadable games. Who cares that it can't use UMDs, people don't get angry at the PS3. My point being most PS3s don't have backwards compatiabillity.

Now to tell about the DSi, I'll rap it all up in one sentence. IT'S A DS LITE WITH CAMERAS,WEB BROWSER AND BETTER HOME MENU!!!!!!!!


PSP go away posted a comment   

I have a PSP slim and shock, horror, I can play ANY PSP GAME I WANT. WRONG, WRONG, and WRONG again, a hardcore gamer does not go for good graphics, a hardcore gamer collects and plays all kinds, old and new, idiots, and PSP limits this


the gamer posted a comment   

hi all . i have psp go and i like it , i heart about dsi xl . but i think the psp go has a better game then dsi has and the grafics is better and dsi has two bad camera and big and you need every time buy a new film , no psp go has hard disk 16 gb its much i love my psp go


thesaveman posted a comment   

for me I have the dsi and i think that the psp go is the winner, think for a second, i dont care about the graphics but the hardware sure nintendo has a bigger library but it dosent have great games like god of war, resistance, medal of honor, and some games. but the only thing that nintendo has good is mario, an some games are good, you really think that nintendo will be that despred they dont care about the adutls and the teenagers they only care about the kids while sony cares most of all and games that are great hardcore, first party and action fun games. ill say the psp go all the way and going to buy one for my birthday in two days.


WhiteboyOver9000 posted a comment   

Dsi is way better.Better web,better funner games plus touch screen how is sony gonna top that.Though the dsi should get skype and flash player I wouldn`t mind that.Oh and what you say that the dsi has crappy graphics it actually could have great graphics its just game desiners are lazy they don`t make enough seperate dsi games with good graphics one fail for dsi.Dsi still has better web I made this thing on the internet with my dsi.Dsi all the way,also go nintendo 100%


jj posted a reply   

mate you gotta be kidding yourself.


EW posted a reply   

Look i'm a nintendo fan but I have to saY the PSP is better.What does the DS have that the psp doesn't?And to all those people sayin "I don't want a psp go because it has no UMD's"buy a PSP 3000, no ones stopping you.


gaming freak posted a comment   

i have used both and i agree that the ds has a good interactive game libery but in other terms the psp has that graphics up in hand. my piont is that is your a hard core gamer looking for grafics go the psp but is your a gamer that just like interaction and doesn't realy care about graphics and that than the dsi is for you


Gore**** posted a comment   

The Dsi has more game but most of them are crap. It has games that are childish and suck at graphics. As for the no UMD thats why Sony still produces the 3000 models for those who dont want to give up their UMD collection.


genilla posted a comment   

dsi all the way

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