Nintendo experimenting with smartphones... but don't expect games

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Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has revealed in an interview that the company is experimenting with smartphone apps for marketing purposes.

This is unlikely to happen, ever.
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Nintendo may or may not be working on its own Android tablet, but now, apparently, it's working on smartphone apps. Before you get excited, though, the company seems to be holding firm to its refusal to port its games over to mobile platforms.

Speaking in an interview with Seattle's King 5 News, Fils-Aime, in response to a question about this stance, said, "It's a topic that comes up all the time". He then went on to add, in reference to video content, "We recognise that there are a lot of smartphones and tablets out there, and so what we're doing is we're being very smart in how we use these devices as marketing tools for our content".

But, when it comes to games, Nintendo fans would dearly love some of their favourites to be made available on the mobile platform. That may not be entirely outside the realm of possibility — but in a very pared-down, minimalist fashion, designed to drive gamers towards Nintendo's own hardware.

"We're also doing a lot of experimentation of what I would call the little experiences you can have on your smartphone and tablet that will drive you back to your Nintendo hardware," Fils-Aime said. "It's largely going to be much more marketing activity-oriented, but we've done little things where there's some element of gameplay — a movement, a shaking, something like that."

The full games, however, will be staying firmly on Nintendo devices. "We believe our games are best played and best enjoyed on our devices, and so the full gameplay will only be on Nintendo devices," he said.

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