Nintendo Wii price drops AU$100

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As of tomorrow, 29 April 2010, the retail price of the Nintendo Wii will drop from AU$399.95 to AU$299.95.

Nintendo Wii

(Credit: Nintendo)

This price drop includes the new black Wii, and each Wii console will still come bundled with Nintendo's family game, Wii Sports.

Tomorrow will also mark the release of Capcom's Monster Hunter Tri, a third-person real-time title that — unsurprisingly — sees the player hunting down monsters. Monster Hunter Tri retails for AU$69.95 on its own, or for AU$99.95 bundled with a black Wii controller.

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gamecow posted a comment   

It was an interesting move by Nintendo to announce a price drop of $100. Why?? It is not like sales are dropping and it puts it at the same price point as a DSi XL. I agree with WiiFight - does this mean there will be a new model soon possible around christmas time. I have read that Nintendo were working on a HD Wii!! Time will tell


WiiFight posted a comment   

A $100 price drop, methinks this is a sign of a replacement for the Wii not too far into the future. Usually these price reductions are done to sell excess stock in warehouses, or before a repacement is announced.

I traded in my Wii for an Xbox 360 Elite for only $100, as teh Wii is too much for kids and not adults. Its not even a HD game system.


eddy posted a comment   

Good news! This is great as I've been looking this since Dec last year. Now this is the time to buy...

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