NintendoLand, Super Mario Bros U star in Wii U line-up

The return of a marquee title and a suite of mini-games built to highlight the Wii U's dual-screen form will headline the Wii U's charge later this year.

Let's journey to NintendoLand

To help players understand the functionality of the Wii U's dual-screen initiative, Nintendo unveiled NintendoLand on Tuesday at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).

Similar to Wii Sports on the Wii when that product launched, NintendoLand will include gameplay designed to showcase the many features that the console offers. However, NintendoLand, which is based around the idea of a theme park, combines a host of the company's classic franchises, including Legend of Zelda, Animal Crossing and others.

To add a bit more flavour to NintendoLand, the game company says it will be tied in with Miiverse, though further details were not divulged.

All told, NintendoLand will come with 12 attractions for gamers to try out. At E3, Nintendo is showcasing five of them.

Super Mario Bros U

Surprise, surprise: Nintendo will be launching a Super Mario title for Wii U.

Dubbed New Super Mario Bros U, the game is designed to take advantage of Nintendo's social platform, Miiverse. In fact, the company says that the title will have a "real-time social window" in-game as the person is playing, and will connect with others.

Aside from that, the title appears to be the typical Mario experience, complete with users being able to jump and fly around levels. Nintendo only showed off a trailer for the title, and did not spend any time actually playing the game during its E3 keynote.

Like other titles announced at Nintendo's E3 keynote, the game company failed to announce pricing or availability. However, given Nintendo's history with other console launches, it seems awfully likely that New Super Mario Bros U will launch around the same time that the Wii U hits store shelves.


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