Nissan teases Google Glass for drivers with wearable display

Nissan is going all out for the Tokyo Motor Show, teasing a heads-up display similar to Google Glass. If it's anything more than a concept piece, it's likely to be heavily optimised for the data feeds from cars like the GT-R and the Nissan BladeGlider.

The Nissan 3E wearable display.
(Credit: Nissan)

The only information available about the Nissan heads-up display comes from a teaser video posted on YouTube. The Nissan 3E is a wearable display, though its purpose is as yet unclear. We'll know more when it's unveiled at the 43rd annual Tokyo Motor Show on November 23, alongside the Nissan BladeGlider electric car.

The 3E could be used for heads-up driving display information, like current speed and directions, in the same manner as the Hudway app. It might function similarly to Google Glass as a more general wearable display, but given the carmaker's previous efforts, it's likely to channel a lot of raw driving data to show statistics on average speed, fuel usage, lateral g-force and other data.

Nissan isn't entirely new to the wearable computing scene; it showed off the Nismo smart watch prototype at the Frankfurt Auto Show last month. Whatever the 3E is, it will give Nissan an edge in fancy driving accessories over its other four-wheeled competitors.

Watch the video below for the only glimpse of Nissan's 3E so far.

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