Nitro Pro 9 and Nitro Cloud advance PDF editing once again

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The world's leading alternative PDF software to Adobe Acrobat, Nitro Pro, has added a wealth of features across the latest version for both desktop and the cloud.

Nitro Cloud is a powerful option and free for casual usage.
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Nitro has been leading the "Acrobat alternative" crowd for a long time now, with regular feature upgrades and offerings that keep setting it apart. With many great features available through its free product options, it's perfect for casual PDF makers while delivering the more advanced goods that make power users happy to pay to upgrade.

With Nitro Pro 9 and Nitro Cloud we see yet again a set of products that make this a real go-to package that leaves the vastly higher-priced Adobe Acrobat with little to justify its place in the market.

Nitro Pro 9 has had a makeover to suit the latest world of modern Windows 8 and Office 2013 experiences, keeping the product up to date as something that feels simple and obvious to anyone who uses Microsoft Office on a regular basis.

The feature set points to things you might never have thought you even wanted to do with a PDF. You can compare two documents to quickly spot text or visual differences. You can edit text in PDFs you didn't think you were able to edit text in (unless the document specifically forbids editing, of course). There are new measurement tools that are particularly useful for anyone working with PDFs of floor plans or other mapping data. Plus, Nitro Pro will also integrated with your Outlook if that's the way your world of email works.

But perhaps the best new feature, and the best new service offering in general, is the integration with Nitro Cloud.

Nitro Cloud gives you a complete cloud-based document conversion service. You can upload documents, such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint and image files, for conversion to PDF. Or convert a PDF to a Word, Excel, PowerPoint or image file. You can also use the Nitro Cloud service to add digital signatures, and Nitro Cloud will now even allow for collaboration on PDF documents directly within its cloud service.

Impressively, Nitro Cloud is free if you use it to convert, sign or collaborate five times per rolling 30 days or less. If you're after more than that you can sign up for a AU$5 per month or AU$15 per month plan, depending on what you need, or more serious corporate plans are also available.

The desktop software has a free trial available, and the software reverts to the free Nitro Reader package after the trial. Nitro Reader by itself still lets you create PDFs, digitally sign documents and add mark up for collaboration work. A lot more than a mere reader!

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lalspach posted a comment   
United States

I tried Nitro Pro but it has one huge shortcoming for our company: It will not allow multiple instances at this time. You can't have it open on two different screens if you're trying to compare documents for audits and such. Yes, you can put two documents side-by-side in the same window, but you can't leverage the ever more common dual screens present on most work spaces these days.


gregory.opera posted a comment   

Nitro Pro is fantastic - I've used it since version 6.x and having scanned tens of thousands of documents using it over the last few years, I can happily say that there is nothing that would convince me to buy Adobe Acrobat over this... Not even if I had the money.Whether you're looking for a PDF (portable document format) editor for professional or private reasons, this powerful program covers all bases.


Sheeda Cheng_Nitronaut posted a reply   

HI mate, thanks for the love! We'd like to see what we can do to make your experience even better - fancy a chat?

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