No Aussie Windows Phone 8 handsets for a month

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Been looking forward to picking up a new Windows Phone 8 device? It looks like you'll have to wait a few weeks more.

(Credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft officially unveiled its Windows Phone 8 platform around the world over night, including an Australia announcement this morning, where the software giant shared the stage with Nokia, HTC and Samsung. Each of the OEMs showed off new handsets, but also announced that the earliest we would see new WP8 phones would be the Nokia's Lumias at the "end of November".

HTC and Samsung will follow shortly after, with representatives for both brands saying that they expect products in stores in early December.

Australia will see a decent portfolio of new products at this time, though. Nokia will launch the Lumia 920 with Telstra and the Lumia 820 with Vodafone and Optus. Similarly, the big daddy of the HTC family, the Windows Phone 8X, is headed to Tesltra and Vodafone, while the cheaper Windows Phone 8S is bound for Telstra and Optus. The 8X is also due to be the newest 4G handset on the Telstra network.

Samsung only has one Windows Phone 8 release planned for this year. The Ativ S looks and feels a lot like the Samsung Galaxy S3, with a 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED screen — the largest of the new Windows Phone range. Optus will be the only carrier to range the Ativ S at launch.

No pricing was announced for any of these products at today's launch event, with details to be released closer to the in-store date for each phone.

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The Stav posted a comment   

Thanks for the info Joseph.I'm personally waiting on the Nokia 920 and have been harrassing Telstra almost daily, doing the rounds of news and tech sites etc. I currently own an HTC titan 4G which does take high grade photos and video, but with all the talk about Nokia's pureview technology and of course Windows 8 I don't mind spending more money.Cnet and Gizmag are my 2 favourite sites for keeping up to date.


JasdeepS posted a comment   

So no premium WP8 device on Optus? That sucks


trebor83 posted a reply   

No they get the Samsung Galaxy Windows Phon...I mean Ativ S


trebor83 posted a comment   

So we get an article covering a blog post from the other side of the planet about a couple of new android devices, but the unveiling of a completely new generation of Windows Phone, including a local event in Australia, gets "No Aussie Windows Phone 8 handststhis month"?


Chandler posted a reply   

I think the point was more that Windows Phone 8 is out, but not out in Australia.

You can, however, purchase those new Android devices now via Google Play.


trebor83 posted a reply   

Is Windows Phone 8 out? I wouldn't know if I'd only been reading CNet today. And that is my point.

All I'm asking for is one article that says "Windows Phone 8 is released. Here are the new inclusions and updates in brief, We'll give you a more detailed look when we get a device to review, but for now we are feeling excited/worried/uncertain about them and the future of Windows Phone 8". Then at least it might feel like it wasn't just being ignored.

Then again the last time I suggested a rewrite of an article Joe edited it to make me look like some kind of crazed Apple fan, so may be I should just shut up...

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