No Australian launch plan for Samsung Galaxy S III

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Overnight from London, Samsung Electronics took the wraps off the hotly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S III. The announcement included launch timing later this month for territories including the US, the UK and Asia, but it seems that right now, Australians will have to wait before getting their hands on the new smartphone via local carriers.

Samsung Galaxy S III
(Credit: Samsung Electronics)

In a simple statement in response to our request for any local news, Samsung said:

Samsung Electronics Australia is pleased there is continued interest about our Galaxy range in Australia, but we have no plans to make any announcements at this time.

With a lot of build up to the London launch, it's hard to believe that Samsung's local team has been caught by surprise. So at this stage, it feels like there will definitely be a delay between international launches and the local arrival of the company's flagship smartphone.

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Daztech posted a comment   

Why does it always seem that Australia gets left behind in the Technology stakes


MitchellT posted a comment   

if your really that desperate, why not got to england when its released and buy one there?, im guessing it is a world phone also so it would work with all aus networks


CherylB posted a comment   

Not happy. Why not do a global launch and keep the Samgung faithfuls happy! I only have a few months till I;m due for a new phone so it better hurry up to us here in Australia.


Pining posted a comment   



Pining posted a comment   

Hopefully we get it before the new ipad gets $G connectivity here!


MitchellT posted a reply   

it wont have 4g connectivity anytime soon, currently its built for the US LTE (4G) frequencies and those frequencies are currently being used by analogue TV here. sucks..


Will1505 posted a reply   

Well the S2 4G works on telstra because its modem works on 700/1700/1800/1900 mhz 4g signals


Will1505 posted a comment   

The phone is being released in Europe in three weeks, I would say we would be about two to four weeks after that.

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