'No, I’m Lara Croft, and so's my wife!'

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The latest Tomb Raider trailer wants us to embrace the Lara Croft in all of us.

(Credit: Square Enix)

The new Tomb Raider game launches on 5 March and works as an "origin story" for Lara, showing us how a mild-mannered young archaeologist became the gunslinging raider of tombs that we're more familiar with.

The game itself works well in terms of play and tone — it's a very nifty reboot of sorts, keeping in a lot of the elements that have worked in previous Tomb Raider games, but packing in a coherent "heroes journey" story.

We'll have a full review soon, but we're happy to say that Tomb Raider is well worth a look for both fans of the original games and newcomers to the series.

Square Enix has a new trailer for Tomb Raider that asks us look inside to see if we can't find a little Lara Croft in all of us. Which is great, but please don't try any of those stunts at home.

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