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Sources at Instagram have said that they're just not interested in building a native app for the new BlackBerry OS.

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It's well accepted that smartphones live and die, in part, on the strength of their app marketplaces. BlackBerry knows this, and at the launch of BB10 earlier this year, much was made of the app line-up, especially native apps.

However, it seems that any teenagers, hipsters and social photographers who BlackBerry intended to woo may find themselves staying with their current choice of smartphone, as sources at Instagram have told AllThingsD that there are no plans for a native Instagram app on BB10. One source is reported as having said:

There will be no [native] Instagram for BB10 for now. Frankly, I'm not sure there will ever be.

The company will still be porting a wrapped version of its Android app for BlackBerry, but apps designed to run natively on an OS are always the preferred option.

AllThingsD sought a response from BlackBerry, and got this very carefully worded statement from Martyn Mallick, BlackBerry's VP of Global Alliances: "We have a strong partnership, and are actively engaged around Instagram support for BB10, but we do not have an availability date at this point".

With the BB 10 and the Z10, BlackBerry isn't just trying to get existing users to upgrade; it also wants to bring back the company's former glory, entice new users and, according to CEO Thorsten Heins, get the OS into the number-three position in the world. While the company's fortunes won't be totally dependent on just one app, the lack of a native Instagram app certainly can't help.

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PaulF2 posted a comment   

Gee, only one version of Instagram to use on my BB10, how will I survive?, ohh I guess the native camera editing features that provide half the features will help along with the Android ported Instagram app.

Gimme a break cnet, Instagram is a 20 person business, porting the app was the most logical decision for them to make.....much like 50000 other Android developers and every credible tech journalist knows..

BB10 baby , best of both worlds !

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