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It seems that R18+ games will remain illegal in Queensland after all, until at least 7 February 2013.

(Credit: Australian Classification Board)

Late in November, it was revealed that Queensland would miss the deadline for implementing legislation for the sale of R18+ games, but at the time it appeared that it wouldn't stop the sale of adult-rated games.

But over at our sister site GameSpot, Laura Parker has discovered that in fact, the sale of R18+ games will remain illegal in Queensland until at least 7 February 2013.

A spokesperson for Queensland Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie told GameSpot:

Between January 1, 2013 and when the Bill passes in Queensland, R18+ computer games will continue to be caught by the definition of "objectionable computer games" under the Classification of Computer Games and Images Act 1995. This means R18+ computer games cannot be publicly demonstrated, made or sold until the law is amended in Queensland.

At the moment, the ACT, SA and NSW are the only states to have passed the legislation, while the remaining states have at least introduced the legislation to their parliaments. On a federal level, the R18+ laws come into effect from 1 January 2013.

Read the full story at GameSpot.

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CampbellS posted a comment   

Its a really good start. Parents will be more educated. Adults wont have the game content dumbed down or banned becasuse it cant be dilited for under 15's. The states are finally recognising that most gamers are over 20 and its 'not just for kids'

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