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Promising to 'brighten up your life' the Nokia 2760 is set to be your next fashion accessory, available in three attractive, feminine colours. Email and a built-in calendar with help you manage the variety of parties you'll be taking the phone to, and a VGA camera with video playback will be there to remind you of these glamorous events the next day.

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JOY20 posted a comment   

The Good:stylish, stylish camera, video etc..

The Bad:can send picture, over charge for bluetooth

i love my 2760. it can work over
i am loving it......


JOY20 posted a comment   

The Good:the game in this mobile r like in computer.

The Bad:no memory card?

handsome , different outer color.


steve posted a review   

I drop it, neglect it,get building debri dust into it and still it works as new. Large numeric keys, reasonable photos for my job,easy texting and a loud ringer. It just fulfills my needs perfectly.


emmy posted a comment   

ummm i have a question to ask! how do i get rid of recorded music my mum and i hve try every thing and nothing hs worked


caz posted a comment   

The Good:small, light, cheap, alarm clock

The Bad:Turns off when I make a call lasting more than 40 seconds, stalls often, had to delete all my photos and return to factory settings to stop it from freezing, messaging and contacts lists/settings can sometime take up to 10 minutes to load when the phone is first switched on, needs to be reset frequently

This is a bad phone. The phone which I had before this one (Nokia 8310)is over 5 years old and works like a dream, this one started to have problems after about 10 or 11 months of use. I would not recommend this phone to anyone if you want to use it on a long term basis. I cannot wait to replace this one!


mackenzie57 posted a review   

The Good:Good strong basic phone, have dropped many times & still works.

The Bad:Sometimes hard to open clam shell quickly due to smotthness of shell.
Biggest complaint is battery size-goes flat very quickly.

This is the third phone of this model I've had. First on bought of ebay & small screen didn't work properly. Tried to get it fixed & phone under warranty given new phone. Second phoner accidentally got wet & ruined the main screen & lost everything. Bought third phone & no issues.


Trixy posted a review   

The Good:See above - my score is based on the fact I just use it as a phone for calls and txts and photos when I forget my camera.

The Bad:None to report

Excellent phone. Stop whining about it not being great. Its just a phone! If you want something that does loads off fab stuff then by a higher spec phone. But for someone who just wants a good phone to call and send txts on buy this. I love it. Sorry to those who have had rubbish ones, I think it was bad luck - not surprised you don't like. I'm the same when a brand or model doesnt work. Mine has been fab for well over a year now and I've dropped it a couple of times too!


hurtinmum posted a review   

it is a real good phone no complaints at all. has anyone had to have their screen replaced yet on there phone, if so can u let me know as mine has gone, but everything else still works

Mark Ereira

Mark Ereira posted a review   

The Good:great keypad and font, small compact size phone looks good. you get more than you pay for if you want more than spend more

The Bad:none

I have owned this phone for many months
and put it away in my drawer when I changed providers and other 3g phones 3.2 Mp cameras etc, have put my 3 sim in it and works beautiful, really great little phone, best thing for me having Parkinsons and a hand that sometimes shake this keypad is awesome and the font is large and easy to read the vga camera is still good enough for my purpose of snap shots have a digital camera if I want better pics, the main thing for me is to make and recieve calls


bec posted a review   

i liked the phone. but it turned off on me alot and wouldnt send sms or i couldnt get any sms. my alarm would go off when i set it. Wouldnt delete any sms. All Nokia could say to me was is to restore my factory settings all the time.

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User Reviews / Comments  Nokia 2760

  • JOY20


    "i love my 2760. it can work over
    i am loving it......"

  • JOY20


    "handsome , different outer color."

  • steve



    "I drop it, neglect it,get building debri dust into it and still it works as new. Large numeric keys, reasonable photos for my job,easy texting and a loud ringer. It just fulfills my needs perfectly."

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