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The Nokia 6500 Slide is an attractive 3G phone, but despite features like video-out doesn't really offer anything enticing enough to buy one.

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Despite the best efforts of its competitors, Nokia still holds the fort in terms of phones as fashion accessories. And we're not even discussing Nokia's ridiculously expensive Vertu brand here. No, even though Motorola has the dubious Dolce and Gabbana licence and LG Prada, Nokia is the brand for simple elegance.

The Nokia 6300 was the first of this new understated wave, and it's been followed by two new phones -- but which is the pick of the pair?

Sure to cause confusion is Nokia's naming convention for this phone -- this looks nothing like the Nokia 6500 Classic. The only similarity we could find on first blush is that they're both "style" phones based on a 3G platform. However, there is one finish that's used on both -- a (dreadly) piano-black keypad!

The phone is also pretty solid, with its brushed steel jacket, but it can get pretty sweaty in your hands on a hot day.

Putting in a new SIM card is an experience, and you may need to consult the manual on first try. There is a small, and easy to miss, 'Eject' button on the top of the phone which loosens the backplate. Then, by hooking your fingernails into the groove between the plate and the phone you pop it out.

Unlike the Motorola ROKR Duo, once you are inside both the SIM card and memory card slot are easily accessible and ready to upgrade.

The Nokia 6500 Slide is a 3G phone with a simultaneous multimedia and business focus. This has been tried before and looks too much like a company is hedging its bets rather than make a highly targeted (and more useful) device.

You get a tonne of video features, including video call capability, a video-out cable, and a really quite useful camera. Firstly it features a 3.2 megapixel capture with a Carl Zeiss lens. The camera has an autofocus, and a built in flash. As an addition to video calls -- and helpful while on hold during voice calls -- there is a speakerphone option.

The video camera even has a white balance control, and a selectable resolution up to 640 x 480, with an added choice of three different quality modes.

Storage is courtesy of a 256MB mini-SD card, which is pretty small for a multimedia phone, but the slot will handle up to 4GB.

Though it looks very nice, we found the phone could be quite frustrating in use. Our first problem arose when we tried synching the phone to our PC. Nokia's PC Suite kept losing the connection between the two, and the only reliable way we could connect them was to forgo the software and rely on Windows Explorer.

Our second largest bugbear was using the phone for messaging. We found predictive text could be more annoying than most -- there appeared to be no way to spell a word unfamiliar to the dictionary until it specifically asked you to. Until that point, you were stuck with the word it gave you unless you entered the menu and turned predictive off.

Thirdly, locking the phone was also difficult unless you had just finished a call or were already in the main menu. Shutting the slide on most phones will lock it, but not in this case -- and there's no option to change it.

Otherwise, the phone was quite a decent performer: call quality was good, and battery life was good at up to five days between charges.

The camera worked well in daylight, with clear images and little of the "digital" look of other phones, but night-time shots were generally noisy and blurry -- even with the flash on.

Meanwhile, the music player is easy to use, and the sound is acceptable via the included headset -- if seriously lacking in any real presence. No challenge to the iPod here! Of course, if you invest in a 2.5mm-to-3.5mm adaptor you can use whatever headphones you wish.

Like a lot of Nokia's new "style" phones, the 6500 Slide generates an initial "wow" reaction -- but unlike the Nokia 6300 in particular this quickly wears off. What you're left with is a fairly good phone -- if a little clunky -- that is only relatively useful and user-friendly.

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XokiL posted a comment   

i love my 6500 slide sooOOOo much.....

but just 2 probs. ahead.....

1 - if i play popular games like nfs or resident vil or something it gives me error like this >>> java/lang/error/outof memory error/java/lang... something like this...

2 - i dont know why can i find flash lite 2.0 for my phone./......

is there anyone who can help me .....
if there,s anyone then plzdo reply me
im kinda trying to help myself for about 1 year or something.
do reply.!!!!!!!!


parklea60 posted a review   

The Good:good solid phone compact easy to use

The Bad:glare on screen when taking photos

have had this phone for a long time now, I have used a few handsets since , but came back to the 6500 slide


hamid posted a comment   

The Good:Stylish looks • Good range of features • 3.2-megapixel camera

The Bad:Frustrating to use • Better 3G phones on the marke



Dozzer posted a comment   

The Good:Good strong body, simple use!!!

The Bad:not mutch in the way of basic apps....

Iv had my unit for about 2 years and had no problem, its a 2007 modle from Aust, i would tell people to give it a try you might like it :)... Dozz...


fredgirl posted a comment   

what the %$#@@$ nothng wrong with this ph mate, i have had my phone for 2 and a half years, i have had no problems with it.


juz posted a review   

The Good:texting, handling

The Bad:reception, call drop out etc etc etc

Great for texting, just take it off predict and you can text damn fast, looks good, easy to use, HOWEVER, call drop outs are by far the worst ever. i fixed the ring tone resetting by putting all files on the sim card rather then on ph memory, now works fine, i also fiddled with the metal thing under the cover and well it still works crashes a lot for no reason!!


Kat posted a review   

The Good:Makes a call or two

The Bad:Has a mind of its own

As other's have mentioned, ive had this phone just over a year now and i feel like its 4 years old. It freezes, is so slow to start, view pictures, send pictures, just slow when it feels like it. Ive deleted memory on and off phone. Still slow! Cant display wallpaper at all anymore, screen goes white. Ive tried using photos on and off the memory card, large or small files and fiddled with the little prong like things behind the memory card as someone suggested. NOPE! Still blank! its just had its time and ive had enough of it. Looking forward to an upgrade. And ive also had a button or two not work one minute but work the next.


abbey posted a review   

The Good:absolute trooper of a phone

The Bad:freezes etc..pretty much what others have said

I've had this phone for about a year and a half and i'm surprised it's still alive after everythings its been through. i've dropped it in the ocean, dropped it down a few flights of stairs you name it. it has been through everything and i can still use it..sorta haha. I'd recommend it to people that accident prone like me but it does have quite a few glitches that can be so frustrating sometimes. Most likely my fault but i can't hear people during phone calls very well anymore and it'll freeze randomly which can be very tiresome to get to work sometimes. As much as i do love my little nokia, thank goodness my plan is almost up! :)


John posted a comment   

The Good:Looks good, decent camera

The Bad:Software and buttons

I've had this phone for a few years. After a year it starting freezing a lot and cutting out during calls. Went to the Nokia website and got a free software upgrade which sorted that problem.
Two buttons recently just stopped working, can get replacement kit for only $10aus so not so bad.
Overall good phone, but I did get it for free so I'm not sure I would buy one.

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  • XokiL


    "i love my 6500 slide sooOOOo much.....

    but just 2 probs. ahead.....

    1 - if i play popular games like nfs or resident vil or something it gives me error like this >>> java/..."

  • parklea60



    "have had this phone for a long time now, I have used a few handsets since , but came back to the 6500 slide"

  • hamid



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