Nokia 7370

The Nokia 7370 is a trendy-looking phone designed to appeal to fashion-conscious users looking for a decent selection of multimedia features.

There are no sellers at the moment that carry this product.

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  • raf.


    "what happeneds when my blutooth stops working? can i still get songs on my phone"

  • miss it

    miss it

    "i brought this phone in italy in 2006 for 600 euros. my ex boyf broke it a year later. it is definitely one of the best phones iv had. im planning on buying it again. i never had a single problem w..."

  • cnetismybible


    "I love this phone I have had it for 4 years now and won't update just because there is nothing as pretty out there.... I would love a new phone with upgraded software but I just love the look of th..."

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