Nokia announces new smart home solution

Wouldn't it be nice if you could manage all your home appliances, electronics, entertainment, security and climate control system from your mobile phone?

This is exactly what Nokia is promising with its Home Control Center solution. The beauty of this Linux-based platform is its comprehensive compatibility with most existing smart home technologies. This allows a unified user interface for these competing offerings which can be conveniently accessed from a mobile phone and Web browser.

Though detailed implementation of the Nokia Home Control Center is sketchy at the moment, the system seems to be centered on a miniature gateway featuring Wi-Fi, GSM, GRPS and Z-Wave wireless connectivity. Another function that caught our attention was its remote access capability. This should give users the added convenience of accessing their home gadgets from the office, in the car on the way home, etc. That's not all. Did we also mention Web, media and email server expansion options as well?

It's still unclear how an infrared or standalone product such as a flat-panel TV can be integrated into the Nokia system. That said, one of our editors will be heading to Europe soon to find out more. Stay tuned for full coverage.

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