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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Nokia demos Symbian^3 on YouTube

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Paint us a mild shade of disappointed.

Nokia has taken the time to demo its upcoming Symbian^3 operating system on the soon-to-be-released N8 handset and you'll forgive us for lacking enthusiasm. Perhaps we had set our expectations too high, but what we see in the video looks a little too similar to the current flavour of Symbian we see on the Nokia N97.

In the demo we noticed the new three-panel, widgets-based home screen, which is an incrementally improved email client and a pretty cool looking cover flow music player. Our hats are off to Nokia for doing a real-time demo minus any movie magic to make the OS seem faster or slicker than it actually is. Unfortunately, we can't help but feel that this approach would have been more successful if Nokia had a drastically different OS to show off.

The title of the vid claims to be the first of three, so here's hoping the next videos ring the wow factor.

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Dee posted a comment   

Sadly, as a former Nokia fan, Symbian has really stuffed them. The design of the N8 is amazing, yet their OS is so boring. Where's the eye candy?

If the N8 had an OS similar to Android, it would without doubt be the best phone now.

Such a shame, especially because the N8 is actually one of the nicest looking smartphones out there.


Peter posted a comment   

Symbian is DOS under the covers after all...quit flogging a dead horse.


totoaus posted a comment   

1. But will it be more secure? Symbian is known to not be very secure will they fix this? Function is always MUCH MORE importnat to me than form.
2. How about legacy devices?
Nokia, to my knowledge, releases few updates to phone software and always leaves the old devices behind. I'd like to see this software on my N95. Is it coming?


deltatango posted a comment   

Looks like iphone OS, with Nokia fonts, only 3x home screens and stuck in landscape mode.

Actually, come to think of it... the comparison between S. Jobs and the guy who presents this vid, is pretty much like a comparison between iphone OS and Symbian^3: A but frumpy and much less charismatic.


F posted a reply   

watcha mean only 3 home screens, how many more do you need
clearly, you don't know how Symbian works and are a iPhone user with little knowledge of other phones


BillS12 posted a reply   

It's certainly not stuck in landscape mode - Symbian operates in either landscape or portrait, depending on the orientation of the phone. Unlike the iPhone, ALL apps can be used in either orientation.


AK posted a comment   

It doesn't look too bad, just nothing ground-breaking... and they really could have used somebody with more charisma to present the video


Brendan posted a comment   



ChrisS1 posted a comment   

It looks like a simple version of Maemo 5 ie, the 3 desktop idea.


Ralliart posted a comment   

Oh Joy.. Yet another boring Symbian OS from Nokia. As a loyal Nokia user the N97 was the last straw for me. Long Live Andriod!

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