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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Nokia, Intel demo MeeGo at IDF

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A first look at MeeGo running on an unbranded handset
(Screenshot by CBSi)

While Apple put the finishing touches on its cutomsiable iPhone wallpapers, it's good to see the work of a couple of companies that are actually looking a little into the future.

Nokia and Intel have demoed their upcoming MeeGo platform co-venture at the Intel Developer Forum 2010 in Beijing, showing not only how the platform is being developed for netbooks, TVs and smartphones, but how the system will be able to cooperate from device to device. In the demo video (below) an Intel spokesperson plays a video streaming to a netbook on a TV and a smartphone at the same time.

This is far from a MeeGo handset announcement from Nokia, but it's exciting to see what we can expect in stores in the near future.

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Remy posted a comment   

Uhhh...DLNA video streaming is available on the iPhone and other phones. Likewise the PSP does something similar. What's new?

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