Nokia LD-4W

The right accessories make easy work of lugging about this well-designed GPS receiver.

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Nokia LD-4W Bluetooth GPS Module is exactly that and nothing else. Pairing the LD-4W to a Bluetooth compatible device with navigation software -- such as a mobile phone -- is nearly automatic.

The LD-4W operates on a SiRF Star III chipset, which is pretty standard these days. During our tests we paired the LD-4W with a Nokia handset running TomTom mobile version 6 and found we had GPS lock, on average, between three and four minutes after switching the device on. Again, this is standard.

Where the LD-4W really shines is in its design. The unit is slim and small enough to carry in your pocket with your mobile phone, however the inclusion of a keyring, belt clip, and windscreen suction pad means you'll have no worries carrying the LD-4W anyway that suits you best.

There are no switches or buttons on the unit with the exception of the power button, which sits flush on the top. Under the front's piano black finish are three coloured lights that indicate power, Bluetooth connectivity, and GPS reception. The port for connecting to a charger is at the bottom of the unit, under a cover that likewise sits flush.

The lack of a wall charger is the only regrettable exclusion from an otherwise complete bundle. There is a Nokia DC-4 car charger in the box and, if you own a later model Nokia handset, you will be able to use that mobile's wall charger. The assumption that you will own either a Nokia phone or a car seems a stretch, and those who don't will have to fork out extra for a wall charger before they can use the LD-4W.

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dada posted a review   

The Good:slim, fast, sensitive

The Bad:expensive

Greap product compared to my previous BT GPS modules

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