Nokia Lumia 610

With its fast, responsive user experience and superb camera, the Lumia 610 could be the perfect handset for new smartphone users, or those just looking for a bargain.

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User Reviews / Comments  Nokia Lumia 610

  • KatherineA1


    "I'm slowly coming to dislike my phone, it doesn't send txt and tells callers I'm unavailable and doesn't ring, even though the phone is switched on and right beside me. At first I thought it was my..."

  • JonelP


    "You really don't know how to use this. Pitty on you!"

  • terrible tech timbo

    terrible tech timbo


    "This is the worst phone I have ever come across, the problem is where do I start.
    Messaging, you can not call people from message, the font is so small and you can not enlarge it, nor is ther..."

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