Nokia Lumia 900

The Lumia 900 is a fish out of water in Australia in 2012. It's not that different to its forerunner, the Lumia 800, and its not upgradeable to Windows Phone 8. Those interested in Microsoft's OS should wait for newer models out later in the year.

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  • gp1966


    "This phone was launched in June yet it is now September and there are no stores in the Sydney CBD that have this on display. This tells me alot about this supposed "flagship" windows phone. You a..."

  • MandyD


    "I wish I read this before buying the 900. The poor upgrade path is such a let down that I can not trust Nokia again. Really wanted this nokia phone to be a great experience I should of read cnet re..."

  • SabK


    "I don't see the point of this phone, either. If it's non upgradeable, why release it so soon after the 800 with so few extra features? Seems like rush-job done to 'cover up' mistakes made with th..."

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