Nokia Lumia 920

Nokia's 920 is a good evolution of the Lumia brand, with a truly outstanding camera. Everyone could like this phone, but we see smartphone newbies enjoying its uncluttered design and ease of use most of all.

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  • BudaP



    "Phone is great, very solid, good quality and I really love it! However, after 3 months of usage my Nokia 920 stopped working properly(battery issue) so I reported the seller DutyFreeCentral regard..."

  • PujaG


    "Fix to "Unable to Dial ##3282 after Phone Update" Nokia Lumia
    Watch solution to ##3282 field test problem in the following youtube video:"

  • AndrewC15



    "I've always had a Nokia to be truthful the phone has ben up to Nokia Standards solid well built phone great camera with more and more apps available from my stand point all the apps I wanted were a..."

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