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After several months of beta testing, Nokia Maps 2.0 is available as a free download from the Nokia website.

Also available from the Nokia Maps site is the Nokia Map Loader application for Windows PCs; used to side-load maps from your desktop PC to your handset. Nokia Maps can download maps over-the-air as the application needs them, but these maps equate to large packets of data and can easily equate to expensive mobile data bills.

The upgraded mapping application features a range of new services including improved pedestrian navigation, which features maps that can be zoomed to street level. This feature will be enhanced when Nokia releases the 6210 Navigator with an in-built gyroscope — hardware used in unison with an accelerometer to orientate Nokia Maps with the direction the user is facing.

Similar to other mapping software, users can enter keywords into the Nokia Maps interface to search for local businesses such as restaurants and hotels. Additional services are available via the software's menus including voice-guided navigation subscriptions and downloadable travel guides for specific cities and regions.

For full details and to download the latest version of Nokia Maps visit the website.

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do u have free nokia maps for nokia n70


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Help need!!! mine is nokia 6682 how to download the gps to nokia 6682. plz can any one let me know email me at

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free download gps for nokiae E71 pls.. help mi.


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help with installing the maps


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for phone where am i


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download gps


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its good

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