Nokia Music brings free streaming to US Lumia owners

The new service will stream music from more than 150 different playlists to Lumia handsets. Gig Finder, meanwhile, can track down local concerts and shows.

Nokia's Music App launches in the US.
(Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET)

Nokia's new Music app offers US Lumia owners their own free streaming service.

Available as of yesterday, Nokia Music kicked off in the US with more than 150 different playlists that were chosen by a team of music experts. The playlists run the gamut from Detroit underground music to performances from the New York Philharmonic, according to Nokia. It also features tracks from artists such as Lana Del Rey, Lady Gaga and Rihanna.

Users can also scour a collection of millions of songs to generate their own playlists, based on their favourite music and artists. And though the service is designed for streaming, Lumia owners can listen to music offline via their special playlists.

Another feature thrown into the music mix is Gig Finder, which can track down local concerts and shows based on the user's location. Find a concert you like, and you can also buy tickets and get directions to the event, directly from the Nokia Music app.

Finally, Nokia's MP3 store offers more than 15 million tunes that Lumia owners can download and play through Nokia Music.

The app is freely available for download from the Nokia Store for owners of the Lumia 900 and 710 handsets.

"We have worked extra hard to ensure our service meets the expectations of the demanding, active and inspired music fans in the US," Jyrki Rosenberg, vice president of entertainment at Nokia, said in a statement. "I would like to challenge everyone to try Nokia Music and see just how easy and enjoyable the service is to use."

Nokia is getting ready to open its Nokia World 2012 event, starting 5 September in Finland, where a slew of other products are slated to be unveiled. There is no word on when or if the service will be coming to Australia.


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