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Nokia's latest N series clamshell is a shiny 3G multimedia phone with dual displays, a standard 3.5mm headphone jack for music, and support for Windows DRM.

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Part of the N-series line-up (which includes the hugely popular N95), the N76 is a quadband 3G smartphone that retails for AU$879.

At first glance the N76 appears to be a sort of Frankenstein creation, constructed in a lab from the hallmark parts of rivals' commercially successful phones. On the outer surface we have a mirrored face with embedded external display reminiscent of LG's Shine. Flipping the phone open, there's the flat metal, neon blue accented keypad from Motorola's many RAZR incarnations.

At 106.5mm by 52mm by 13.7mm, the N76 is thinner than any of the RAZRs, but feels wide in the hand. The flip mechanism is not spring-loaded, and the heft of the top section makes the phone a little awkward to open -- you'll probably need both hands.

Beneath the external 160x128 pixel TFT display are three multimedia keys, the likes of which we've seen on flip phones such as LG's U310, Motorola's RAZR MAXX V6 and the Samsung A701. Besides controlling your music, these keys allow you to read incoming texts -- handy for stealth communication during boring meetings or tiresome social encounters.

The headphone socket is a standard 3.5mm size, which means you can plug your own headphones straight into the phone. One design issue is that the ports for USB connection and the headset are located on the hinge, so when you plug in cables, the phone can't be flipped all the way open (see the video for a demo). Advertising material features the N76 opened at to an only-just-obtuse angle as if it was a laptop, but is that practical in terms of usability? Computer says no.

Overall, the construction of the N76 is solid, with its chunky hinge and 115-gram weight contrasting nicely with the whippet-thin form factor. You could throw this model around without fear of smashing it to bits.

The N76 may not have the extensive feature set of its much-lauded N-series companion, the N95, but there's more than enough to keep you connected and entertained.

First up is a 2-megapixel LED flash camera -- a surprisingly low resolution when you consider the number of phones sporting 3-megapixel versions. Photos can be taken in two ways -- with the phone opened, or with the phone closed and held horizontally, where the external display acts as a viewfinder. We found the closed method was the best way to capture snaps, as finding the teeny shutter button when the phone is open is very awkward indeed.

Space-wise you've got 26MB of internal memory, with a microSD slot that will give you up to 2GB extra space. Our review model came with a 512MB card.

Like other models in the N series, the phone has a focus on multimedia, with its music player capable of handling MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+ and WMA files. There is also an FM radio, but the lack of A2DP Bluetooth support means you can't bust out those snazzy wireless headphones to hear your music.

A thin phone means a teeny battery, but we were satisfied with the staying power of the N76. Our battery kicked on for three days between charges with moderate use of phone calls, texts and 3G features.

The expansive, dazzling display is well suited to Web perusal, but switching to landscape mode makes entering data difficult, as you'll need to either rotate the handset or press keys sideways.

We had mixed results with the camera. Photos taken in low light conditions looked fine on the phone's display, but when transferred to a PC and viewed at full size, graininess and feathery clumps of noise littered the images. Daylight snaps fared better.

Overall, the N76 is a worthy addition to the N series, and looks pretty snazzy, but the specs are a bit of a letdown, especially in light of the amazing features of the N95. Sure, not all phones can pack the punch of the pricey N95, but we would have liked to at least see A2DP Bluetooth support and a 3-megapixel camera.

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crisna posted a review   

The Good:slim and its far better than n95 (basic version)

The Bad:silver chrome peels off even though i have given it thrice to the company to put on the silver chrome coating

finally its good phone but not as good that a user can...


Amrit posted a comment   

The Good:i like this mobile and i got this mobile

The Bad:my mobile fornt screen is just broke

my mobile fornt screen is just broken i live in england and here i didnt find any shop to change front screen what i do now somebody help me where can i find shop to change it.


jules posted a review   

The Good:evrything!!!!!!! ...almost everything

The Bad:flip is near impossible to open with one hand without ripping out ur fingernails

Like all nokias, it is extremely reliable, sturdy. Battery life is good, got maybe 4 or 5 days with medium use. External controls are extremely useful. It is designed as a music phone and it does that very well. It was a great phone...but I dropped it in the shower and it died....I don't blame Nokia for that......

Layly J

Layly J posted a review   

The Good:Like all Nokia's it is easy to use. Mirror on front is handy

The Bad:Flip design better on motorola, black (or red) and silver design ends up being black and white with patches of silver.

The phone is mostly really good however all the silver peels off making it look really messy.


ash22 posted a review   

The Good:Looks nice

The Bad:Battery life - have to recharge it everyday! pathetic!
Cant see anything in Sun

Worst phone ever, its so slow and the battery life dies after less than a day.


neha posted a review   

not at all satisfied coz i purchased dis for its look but its silver crome peel off very easily n after dat it looks very bad.


SHANNONscream posted a review   

The Good:-Mine had good battery life
-Thin design
-Mirror screen

The Bad:Pretty much everything!

This has been my most favorite yet worst phone i have EVER owned.
The chrome peeled off within the the first week i bought it.
Despite that, i was a great phone, until i couldn't access the internet, my messages or call anyone.
After that, the sent it away, and greeeeat within the next few months, it didn't even get reception where i normally would get full bars, the battery would jump from 4 bars to 5 then down to 2 within half an hour... then it would freeze and lag constantly, then one day it turned off, i sent it away,
and even better! Nokia told me it was my fault it had been broken and they will not give me a new one.

Although all this has happened, it was still a great phone without all the hassles.

I now own a Nokia N95 and im also disappointed!!!
Definatly turned off Nokia for good...


N76 LOVER posted a review   

The Good:sleek design and S60!!
i want flip phones... bored with sliders

The Bad:dunno... just the silver chrome perhaps **** quality??

hi ppl
can u guys tell me if this phone's silver chrome does peels off ?? - read from previous comments and many ppl complained bout it

overall i would like to buy this phone asap if silver chrome doesnt peels off.


soleski posted a review   

The Good:- slim profile, but nice weighty feel
- functions for outer display
- S60 is faster that S40.

- keyapd is ok, not great, but not bad - however, will take some getting used to after using tactile buttons on something like the 6085.

The Bad:- battery life is below par for Nokia
- UI is no intuitive
- bit of mischief with radio sometimes playing mono on headset (not stereo)

Pretty good phone. I liek Nokias, and wanted a flip. All comments I;ve heard from slide phones are keypad is too small for fat fingers.

Great to be able to read messages / missed calls detail / and manage the music player / radio on the outer display without having to open the phone - compensates for lack of ease of opening with one hand.


May posted a review   

The Good:-nice slick design [ i got the red 1]
- easy to use
- heaps of features
- clear talk
-clear photos for a 2mp camera
- every1 asks..what sorta phone it is and where i got it from=p

The Bad:none as of yet
but ive dropped it a few times and noscratches nothing. so i dont think anything will be a 'con' of it.

ibought this phone about 2 weeks ago

and i must say

i had a nokia 6280 then a lg viewty and this is the best of the 3. seriously, i thought it would be crap the like 6280 but its so much better it hasnt restarted nor frozen or had any of the problems other comments had made

i just think when u buy the phone get warranty. itll save you... when it comes to problems but thats just comment sense right.

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  • crisna



    "finally its good phone but not as good that a user can..."

  • Amrit


    "my mobile fornt screen is just broken i live in england and here i didnt find any shop to change front screen what i do now somebody help me where can i find shop to change it."

  • jules



    "Like all nokias, it is extremely reliable, sturdy. Battery life is good, got maybe 4 or 5 days with medium use. External controls are extremely useful. It is designed as a music phone and it does t..."

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