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After showing its flagship N8 at its annual Connect event in Singapore last week, Nokia in Australia decided to have a little show and tell of its own and invited CNET along to get its fingerprints on the sexy new touchscreen.

According to the Nokia peeps we spoke to, the N8 will be the last N-series to run on Nokia's Symbian platform; all N-Series from here on will run MeeGo. This leaves Symbian (in its current version 3 and the future version 4) on Nokia's X- and E-series devices, with the budget-conscious C-series making use of the existing Series 40 platform.

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Big AL Darwin posted a comment   

There is no excitement in the Nokia N8
I have been a Nokia person my whole mobile phone user life having had some 15 different models and enjoyed them all. Even when they switched to the smaller charger jack I just took that as a bump in the road.
The N8 is a piece of crap. My family purchased 4 of these phones and all 4 have the same operating problems. One phone was exchanged with Vodafone and they admitted there was a problem with these phones randomly turning off. Well guess what, make that 5 phones that don%u2019t work.
The touch screen is useless and freezes all the time, the Wi-Fi connection fails and is inconsistent, the Ovi store application now on 2 phones will not work and all the 4 phones randomly turn off when either making or recieving calls or in the middle of them.
Nokia%u2019s response to this is for me to send the phones away. Now thats just great as we need these phones everyday for work and safety and Nokia will not replace them beforehand.
Mind you we are talking about phones that are only 4 weeks old!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nokia said take them into the Nokia Service centre and see what they can. Well that%u2019s just great, Nokia closed their store down here in Darwin 2 years ago so the closest store is in Brisbane. gee just a short 3 day drive. maybe they closed their store down a bit early and should have waited unti the N8 came out so they had more work to do.
If you think I am **** off you would be correct!
If you like I can post the emails to and from Nokia just to show you how bad they treat their customers. I have read a lot of review sites and forums from around the world and I have read a response from the Nokia US PR Manager and she believes that millions of customers can%u2019t all be wrong. Well I guess if they enjoy losing market share and credibility of their products they are dong a great job.
Vodafone now have just dismissed it and said they would send the phones away. They use to say an update will be coming soon via the Nokia website but I guess they released that they can%u2019t get away with that anymore because there is too many crap N8%u2032s out there.
In my opinion, don%u2019t buy an N8, just go and buy something else that actually works.


sanzy posted a comment   

nokia n8 hell phone i use it and promise my self i will never use nokia in my life again. totally waste of money....


Miakoda posted a comment   

I used to own a nokia n80 it was slow and gave me nothing but drama I have since brought an iPhone and you get what you pay for it's amazing does everything I ask and more with speed and ease if use it's the best business partner I could have asked for


Gruff posted a comment   

Seriously? 8 pages? Did cnet really need those ad click throughs? Why couldn't you put all that "in-depth" info within one or even (gasp!) two pages?


thecaptain posted a comment   

good to see a new nokia paperweight. I had the n97 and it gave me hell. I have just purchased an iphone 4 and it works the way it should no more nokias for me


hallistic posted a comment   

If you want a phone to work as a business aid forget the nokia. The OS is past it's use by date. Even Nokia are abandoning it and with good reason.


Andy posted a comment   

Maemo is better then both with N900, camera isn't there...but 32 gig on board memory.


sid posted a comment   

dont even think to buy crap.touch screen **** switch itself off, changed 5 times in two weeks after just bought brand new.


Terfex posted a comment   

Great Hardware in this phone especially with it Graphics Accelerator Chip. It's a pity that this phone uses Symbian instead of MeeGo or (not likely to ever happen soon with Nokia) Andriod. I have a Nokia 5233 which is a great phone but let down again by the poorly made software which lies about battery life a lot too.


missy posted a reply   

Battery life in ALL handsets is very much dependant on many factors - Network, usuage, internet browsing and downloading, use of apps , bluetooth etc etc

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