Nokia N80

This feature-packed 3G phone with a 3-megapixel camera mostly excels, but is held back slightly by a maddening navigation key and short battery life.

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User Reviews / Comments  Nokia N80

  • Mr.N80



    "Probably the best phone i have ever owned. Indestructible and robust little bugger and i have put it through its paces including water damage, dropped from the balcony, car etc...its like the durac..."

  • Dianne


    "Somehow, setting change by themselves. Can't get it back to normal as I can't make the menu appear. Pressing the menu bar brings up settings, but not all the options are there. Can't find a way to..."

  • mooks28



    "it was good when i got it but same problem with everyone else it dies on you!!! i have had it reformated so many times. now it's completely dead!!! good pix ****"

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