Nokia N8

Nokia has built a superb phone in the N8, with a class-leading camera and excellent connectivity, but has spoiled the whole package with its half-baked Symbian^3 software.

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  • PaulG4



    "great phone, very happy with it, great camera. browser is a little slow compared to similar age phones. best camera phone yet to this day ;-)"

  • jharmon



    "I got my N8 from Optus about a year ago and it performs poorly. Part way through a conversation with someone it just drops out. Can't determine whether it is Optus or the phone. Would definitel..."

  • alfaromeo25



    "im using yhis from 5 months,made plenty of HD movies/picturs.good thing is just conect it to pc and copy and past your stuff from phone to ur pc.or even if u have external mini sd card just remove ..."

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