Nokia N9 hands on: three aMeeGos

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As a company, Nokia is on the ropes, but while pundits called for a shift to Android and wrote up Nokia's obituaries, Nokia's team beavered away on what has turned out to be quite a secret project. Before seeing the N9, we wondered what was to be unveiled, placing our bets on a new Symbian handset. Instead, Nokia reveals its first MeeGo device, a phone that definitely looks and feels fresh and new.

Update: You can now also read more in our N9 Preview here.

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RichardW posted a comment   

is meego good


bobbinsnest posted a comment   

This phone could be the comeback that Nokia's been waiting for.
But I feel that it's all going to come down to FREE apps.
the iphone and android could be jail-broken into for free products, hence that's why those phone are so popular. If this is a possiblity, then Nokia's got a winner. Either that or just give us more free and good apps!


jkyhuang88 posted a comment   

can't wait......

wondering when it will realease in Aus?


Joseph Hanlon posted a reply   

Nokia is saying Q3 for the N9 launch, which is most likely September. It definitely worth a look, its a very eye-catching model.


RawsT posted a comment   

sounds nice

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