Nokia N97

The N97 features class-leading specs matched with outstanding design and build, but it loses marks for the Symbian platform that desperately needs an overhaul to stay competitive.

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  • Stuffnokia


    "Stuff Nokia, I have been a loyal Nokia customer for many years, I am looking for a phone company for the 21st Century. And a Support back up service that can tell you that the phone is beyond econo..."

  • Alisonian


    "This damn phone is a piece of crap.Since day 1(bought June 12th 2011) I have had problems.Says memory is full.Freezes.Won't turn on or off.I usually have to take back off and disconnect battery at ..."

  • chinton29



    "Worst phone ever, the only thing worth buying it for is its camera and the 32gb of internal storage"

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