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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Nokia patents vibrating notification tattoos

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(Credit: Nokia)

It seems someone in Finland has been watching too much sci-fi.

Nokia this week filed patents for a concept where a user could have a vibrating tattoo that notifies them when receiving an incoming call or message on their mobile phone. According to the patent documents, the tattoo would be made of ferromagnetic inks, which would be magnetised once the tattoo has been applied. Once paired with your phone, the tattoo could emit a range of different responses when the user receives a call. The patent doesn't indicate how the tattoo is paired to the phone, as far as we can see, so we're guessing you might also need a small chip implanted under the skin as well?

Interestingly, Nokia also filed for a far less intrusive vibrating patch that a user could wear on their skin, but that could also be removed before a visit to the beach. As much as we love to watch movies about a dystopic future where the characters wear vibrating tattoos that keep tabs on them (and that explode when they step out of line!), we're fairly sure we'd opt for the vibrating patch in the real world.

What do you think? Are you really so concerned about missing a call from your mum that you'd opt for a vibrating tattoo? If so, where on your body would have it applied? Keep it clean, folks.


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