Nokia PureView 808 not coming to Australia

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Nokia Australia has confirmed that it will not release the company's 41-megapixel camera phone in Australia, focusing on Windows Phone handsets for the Australian market, instead.

The PureView 808 packs a 41-megapixel camera, but will not come to Oz.
(Credit: Nokia)

"We're not bringing the PureView 808 to Australia; our smartphone focus is on Nokia with Windows Phone, which we believe is the best fit for this market. You'll see variations of PureView imaging technology delivered to several Nokia products in the future," a Nokia spokesperson told CNET Australia, reiterating a post made to the company's Facebook page late last week.

The information has upset fans of the brand in Australia, many of whom already felt jilted by Nokia after the company announced that it would not update the Nokia N8 to the latest version of the Symbian platform at the same time as the update was released in other parts of the world.

The PureView 808 caused a stir at this year's Mobile World Conference (MWC) in Barcelona, and picked up the award for Best New Mobile Handset, Device or Tablet at the show on the back of its innovative new approach to mobile image and video capture. The handset runs on Nokia's Symbian mobile operating system, though, which deviates from Nokia's current smartphone portfolio plans in Australia.

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Richard in Bris posted a comment   

Hi Guy`s I`ve been a fan and user of Nokia since Aust changed to digital. Even on the old analog system. I`m currently using an N8. waiting for the newer firm ware and looking to up grade to ? Lumia 900. As the song goes, " Why Are We Waiting....."
The rest of the world has had access to the 900 for Months. WHY are we still Stuck with the Lumia 800 which is Out of Date. Two things Please...

1) Can anyone TELL me WHEN LUMIA 900 is due in Aust.

2). Nokia you need to remember the loyalty of Aust. buyers in the future.


grumpi posted a comment   

No great loss.
I'd rather see the Lumia 900, or a WP8 Apollo Lumia 1000? released here.


cobrin posted a comment   

pretty sad having being with nokia predominantly since 1994. Let this be a lesson to you Nokia and Nokia's a no from me.

and you can stick your windows phone os.


UtcA posted a comment   

On Nokia FaceBook today
Nokia Australia Hi Lawrence,
Our smartphone focus in Australia and New Zealand is Nokia with Windows Phone, which we believe is the best fit for Australians and Kiwis.
8 minutes ago · Like
Utc Australia Well there you have it, the Customer is completely wrong..Take our Lumia or move along sonny..
2 seconds ago · Like
Write a comment...

Sheer arrogance.. behaving like Dictators..They dont deserve our business..


NokiaTragic posted a comment   

Ok...whas up..?
Today after sending mail to Nokia I get one in return stating that no official statement regarding the 808 and the Australian market has actually been made?

CNET...where art thou getting thy information from, and indeed is it correct?

Someone's either onto a scoop or telling porkies?
Leave it with you Joe for an answer,


Joseph Hanlon posted a reply   

From the horse's mouth, unfortunately.


DhawaL posted a comment   

been a fan of Nokia, and using n8 for more than a year. Pureview was such a welcome upgrade to my n8. I have been following pureview since mwc and it is just heart breaking to know that its not coming to Australia. About Windows phone, never been a fan, windows interface is way to complicated, the programs are weird, the only good apps in Lumia are from Nokia. Symbian Belle, is the best OS and down right easy to operate. I have no need for apps like iPhone or Android. I need a phone with good battery life, FM-transmitter and good camera. Dont want to grey it. Dont believe the Capped carriers as well...


JamesJ1 posted a comment   

How could they possibly be focusing on windows phone handsets in Australia if it took them so long to release the Lumias.


UtcA posted a comment   

"Jilted" is an understatement.. Downright incensed.. Nokia may as well pack up and leave Australia..

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