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A budget-conscious music phone with a mixture of touch and keypad input? The X3 hopes to appeal to a wide audience, and has the feature set to do just that.

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Anything BlackBerry can do we can do better! You can all but hear the chant echoing around the hallways of Nokia HQ as it puts the finishing touches on its X3 announcement. Though the phone will play in two very different segments of the smartphone market, the new BlackBerry Torch and Nokia X3 share the same drawcard — a touchscreen matched with a physical keypad.

First impressions

Firstly, props to Nokia for keeping the budget-end market looking so damn sexy. The combination of a brushed-metal finish and the range of electric colours suggest a low-end phone we can get behind. The buttons look big and easy to use in the images we've seen, and the icons on screen look user-friendly as well. At 9.9mm thick, the X3 should slide easily in and out of your jeans pocket.

The jury is still out on the "touch and type" approach, however. The X3 will sport a 2.4-inch QVGA resistive touchscreen, which isn't the ingredients we tend to see in a recipe for responsive touch input. Not that we plan to judge the usability of this screen before we see it, but resistive touch panels and low-resolution screens tend to result in touch input that is more difficult to use than we'd like.

If you watch the introduction video below, Nokia senior vice president for design, Marko Ahtisaari, goes into some detail about the music experience on the X3, and from what you see in the demonstration, the music player looks really nice. Album art is displayed nicely, the controls are big and clean; it looks better than some music players on higher-priced devices.

Nokia has committed to having the X3 in stores by the end of Q3, which doesn't leave the company much time, and promises to make it available "at a very affordable price point".

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johnnyfuentes posted a comment   
Puerto Rico

Good :
- for a 3g phone it's pretty cheap
- comes in different colors
- looks very attractive
- has wifi
- takes some nice photos
- plays music pretty well the speakers are very loud which is nice
- speakers have a very good quality sound
- some themes are pretty nice and are free to dowload even from the computer to the cellphone it can be through bluetooth , usb or through the phone
- I can see youtube videos and is good for a simple phone like this one
- it's kinda slim
- photo image quality on the phone is not that bad i've seen worse
- can edit photos crop them & etc instanlty
- wifi is easy to access and asks which connection you wanna use always and lets you know when it's deactivated and let's you search wifi easly which helps those who use wifi alot and don't want overcharging on the'yre bill
- buttons flash on and off everytime there's a message or missed call
- speaker phone is pretty good

- Video quality is not so good but not that bad either
- if you use other earphones on the cell the phone gets very unstable and turns off or freezes
- the cellphone could be a little bigger
- Ovi Communities cannot be accessed with just the wifi so i think that phone charges apply to use the service I'm not sure because i tried using the app without the sim card and didn't let me, i'm gonna be very mad if that's the case
- on its highest setting the volume is to low to hear the other person talking
- way to low memory storage and memory chip storage (I've had cheaper touch phone's that have more )
- phone screen needs to be a little bigger which would fix some issues
- wifi is not that powerful to detect compared to other cheap phones therefore it has low quality wifi
- buttons are to small and don't have enough buttons for a keypad phone that it's also trying to be
- ear phones arent that good to use, very bad sound with earphones
- battery life is low
- phone software is to basic for a wanna-be smart phone
- internet navigation can be somewhat frustrating
- heats up really fast during a conversation
- kinda complicated to play some games because the screen is to small
- organizing playlists is frustrating and complicated
- the phone could be a little faster
- doesn't come with usb cable
- bluetooth sometimes can't read other devices or won't connect and will get disconnected or connected on its own
- No way to personalize and change the unlock and lock settings, it goes to lock to quickly gets annoying sometimes
- nokia Suite application for the computer is useless and doesn;t do very much you only need it to download stuff from the computer to the cell "sync"
- the jacks on the phone are exposed and should of came with little rubbers to cover them after each use..I imagine if it rains and you're on the phone while trying to find cover a drop of water could easily kill the phone
- where the memory card is located in phone is frustrating sometimes
- is confusing sometimes because it's a simple phone but at the same time trying to be a smart phone and a touch phone and a keypad phone and the phone isn't complete in every aspect that it's trying to be (trying to be many things at once) which is it's flaw
- well everything on the phone is kinda unorganized and you have to look everywhere sometimes depending on what you're look for
- Fullscreen mode lol dont understand the point of fullscreen for this phone lol
- keypad buttons feel a little to hard to press hope that doesn't affect durability


I only recomend this phone for people who want a little bit of everything but dont plan to use it that often like people who prefer to use a computer instead of a cell .For people who want whats in right now but at the same time mostly need a phone. If nokia is trying to compete with the iphone they have to do alot better because i've tested the nokia n9 and it's also lacking alot of important qualities and is way to expensive.


"Very basic phone with many faults."

Potato posted a review   

The Good:Small & the classic 'candy bar' styled Nokia phone. Durable.

The Bad:Phone always turns itself off/back on again if you press 'unlock' (or anything else) too fast. Very slow! Slow response to touch screen and also slow to open up menus/galleries etc. Slow at browsing the web. Poor camera with a lot of camera shake. No flash. Generally a poor phone for Nokia.

I have always stuck with Nokias (excluding once, when I went with a Motorola V3 and had a nightmare with it), usually they are wonderful phones that do their job and are very durable. This phone is definitely a let down.

Whats good about it is pretty much just the case. It is a durable phone with a durable screen and keeps the classic Nokia candy bar style. When I first bought it, it was fast and responsive and I had no troubles except that it always turned itself off and back on again.

Now I've had the phone for only 5 months or less and it is becoming troublesome. a list of the problems are:
- A major one is that it turns itself off and back on. If you press buttons too fast (say you are unlocking it, then straight away click to your menu), the screen will flash off and on and you have to wait about 30 - 60 secs for it to boot back up and work again, then it is very laggy for a while.
- Lately it has been cancelling my alarms set to wake up in the mornings and also removing calendar notes. Very frustrating.
- It is very slow responding and it takes a long time to even open up a short text message.
- Barely any phone memory. I have to keep deleting all my messages just to receive more when I don't even store anything on the phone, everything is stored on the memory card.
- Very slow browsing experience, using both Nokia's browser and Opera Mini.
- Poor coverage. I can't make calls, texts or browse the web in certain places even though my other Optus friends can when they are right next to me.
- The camera is just horrible quality. No matter how still you hold the phone, the photo will always have visible camera shake. It'd be great if I was trying to make art with blurry photos, but I am not.

Overall: good hardware, durable. Horrible, horrible, horrible software!


"Surprisingly small and clever"

info_overload posted a review   

The Good:Lots of features, small, touch screen, price

The Bad:Different keypad layout and not a smart phone

Nokia X3-02

First off the Nokia X3-02 is not a smart phone, however it is surprisingly clever and feature packed, and very thin. It is quite a surprisingly good phone with a few features from smart phones implemented. The Nokia X3-02 raises the standard for feature phone functionality.
The Nokia X3-02 is what Nokia calls touch and type. This means it has both a touch screen and physical keys.
The device has a volume of only 45cc being 106mm tall and 48mm wide and under 10mm deep and a weight of only 77g, which is very thin, small and light weight. All of which is surprising considering the features packed inside.
The display is 2.4%u201D with resistive touchscreen which is much more sensitive and much improved from some of the resistive touchscreens in the past. The bonus of resistive touchscreen is that the screen can be used in the cold with gloves and doesn%u2019t require taking gloves off as capacitive touchscreen does.
There are some quirks to the phone; one of the most obvious is the layout of the keypad. The keypad has the star, hash and zero keys removed from the lowest row and put on the far right column. This makes it a 4x3 keypad layout instead of the more traditional 3x4 keypad layout.
Operating System
As mentioned before this device does not have a smart phone operating system, however it is surprisingly clever. The operating system is s40 6 Edition Touch. The touch is very integrated which is lucky as there are no D-pad/arrow keys for interface navigation. Having no D-pad/arrow keys for interface navigation could be a bit different for someone coming from a keypad only non-touch phone. The first time or two I went to menu and was going to use D-pad/navigation keys to get to applications I had to look down at the keypad to find where the D-pad/navigation keys were. After looking for the D-pad I realised that because the device is a touch and type it doesn%u2019t have a D-pad and doesn%u2019t need a D-pad. Having touch screen does speed up user interaction with the operating system. Instead of having to press down then right then centre to get to applications using a D-pad, just touching the applications icon can do in one touch what took three key presses using only D-pad buttons previously. That is quite a reduction in number of presses required to get to the item the user wants to get to.
The device also has a built in web browser, plus Opera, and Ovi Browser beta is available from Nokia BetaLabs. Ovi Browser uses Nokia servers to pre-render, compress and accelerate the webpages browsed.
Other applications may be downloaded from the Ovi Store.
Email is included in the device. This is usually found on smart phones but is starting to become more widely available on feature phones.
There is a button on the keypad with an envelope picture which can take the user to SMS%u2019s received or compose new SMS.
To lock or unlock the device there is a lock key. To unlock press the lock key and swipe the screen to unlock, to lock simply press the lock key. I like the lock, unlock process. It makes sense to me and it is good having a physical lock/unlock button with swipe to unlock. It is an intentional action to unlock that prevents the device from unlocking accidentally because of bumping, and an intentional action to lock and only requires one button push to lock.
The home screen is customisable and also has a quick menu by clicking on Go to. Clicking on Go to brings up a quick menu that is also customisable with applications in a three by three grid.
As the device is an X series Nokia it is music focused, so it is no surprise there is a button for music. By pressing the music button a play button pops up and will start playing music. The music pop up will pop up on the bottom of the screen over anything on the screen and will play in the background while other things are done on the device. The device doesn%u2019t have multi-tasking, however it seems that music can be run in the background while other things are done on the device, like web browsing. So that is quite clever.
The phone also has a 5MP camera and can record video.
The Nokia X3-02 is capable of tethering and has 10Mbps download and 2Mbps upload speeds on 900MHz/1900MHz/2100MHz.
Wi-Fi is also included which provides good connectivity and is usually only found on smart phones.
A surprisingly small and clever phone.

TharakaW Facebook

TharakaW posted a review   

The Good:touchscreen for a cheap phone, camera and evertyhing else

The Bad:nothing i have seen yet

im not trying to be mean but this review aint the best you have done all your other reviews are awesome his phone is good because its cheap and it has a lot of feature that u dont get from a low budget phone , but all your other reies are good

koz sydney

koz sydney posted a review   

The Good:Not much

The Bad:Touch Screen

Although I'm quite forgiving with most mobile phone flaws I have to admit the Nokia x3 has tested my patience. I bought mine 3 weeks ago and the touch screen went mental. Whenever I touched the screen it would randomly scroll up or down and jitter, this is immensly annoying when you want to open a message or go through the meni. I sent it back and received a brand new replacement. 30 minutes into the use of the replace the exact same thing happens. Thoroughly dissapointed


jazzguyman posted a review   

The Good:Bought mine outright, brand new and unlocked for $214 including delivery in February 2011 and have been happy with the purchase. I appreciate good audio and this audio functionality and sound is tops! The Nokia N95, which I had was good for it's time, and this is better.

The Bad:I depended on my Nokia N95 for my diary with the calendar entries, etc. The N95 has one thing over the X3-02 at the moment, whereby viewing a day on the X3-02 does not actually tell you at the top of the screen which day and date you are on. I mean, you get into the day you want, so you do know what you're on, but if you're scrolling through one day to the net, to the next, you can easily lose track of what day you think you're looking at, until you go back and then go in again. Some other small things, but otherwise GOOD phone for a good price!

A large hand finds the 4-way grid tricky to type one handed, and even just a little unusual for a while with two hands. However, with some practice, you'll get used it to soon enough. A small hand finds it easy enough, even one-handed.
Buttons are VERY easy to type with.

The touch and type mix is actually VERY useful!! It helps to maximise the how many popular tasks can be made available with the least amount of touches/menu choices. And so, you can get onto the internet, check your emails, Facebook/Twitter, text message, call commonly-used friends and check your calendar/tasks for the day all with one or two clicks. Pretty nifty!

Nokia have more fun and clever surprises in store with this phone. Their Symbian software really has stepped up a lot and yes, it does have it's OWN apps that you can download for free directly via the web onto the phone. Hey, I just downloaded software for a Dictionary/Thesaurus as well as a cool skin/wallpaper for the phone. :D

Enjoy it!


msm posted a review   

touch screen is crap. you click on the screen where you want to access and it goes to a totally different screen to the one you wanted. Appears to be out of alignment. comes up with keypad in some games to type in name and press one letter and get another one two or three letters down. Do no Buy.


eastgirl posted a reply   

touch screen is totally crap. I hate it! Normally love Nokia but this phone is crap.


LoveUToo posted a review   

The Good:maybe

The Bad:maybe

hi guy maybe i will get Nokia X3-02 but im not sure is it good or bad!? can i buy apps from apps store? like angry bird i love that game but can i play it on X3-02? answer plz ty >.

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    "Good :
    - for a 3g phone it's pretty cheap
    - comes in different colors
    - looks very attractive
    - has wifi
    - takes some nice photos
    - plays music pretty well th..."

  • Potato



    "I have always stuck with Nokias (excluding once, when I went with a Motorola V3 and had a nightmare with it), usually they are wonderful phones that do their job and are very durable. This phone is..."

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    "Nokia X3-02

    First off the Nokia X3-02 is not a smart phone, however it is surprisingly clever and feature packed, and very thin. It is quite a surprisingly good phone wi..."

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