Norton AntiVirus gets a spotty update

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Luke-warm on the heels of Apple's Leopard release, Symantec has popped out an updated version of its AntiVirus suite.

While Macs certainly don't suffer from viruses and malware at the same rate that Windows machines do, growing popularity in Apple's quarter can only mean greater attention from virus developers, so an antivirus program is a good precaution. There's also the potential for your Mac to be a "carrier" -- while it may not be infected itself, it can potentially pass a virus on to a Windows machine through something as innocuous as sending an e-mail -- another reason for protection.

Symantec claims a few new features in Norton AntiVirus 11 -- including a preventative to stop viruses installing in the first place, scanning for both Mac and PC nasties, improved performance and for those at the hardcore end a command line interface, allowing terminal users to script their own solutions.

It's available from the middle of December for AU$59.95, and comes with a year's subscription of virus updates.

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Alec posted a comment   

As an IT support person of both MAC & PCs, we see MACs come from Home into the work envionment and they do have Viruses and they do pass Viruses around. So the first thing we do is install Norton AV and clean them before allowing them Network Access. We wish more MAC users would take some responibility for their Internet usage and use a Anti-Virus program.

This version has worked well with our mix of 26 MACs (on a Windows Server Network). Cleaned up one MAC with 8 Viruses on it!


warval posted a comment   

good site


ltsgosrfn posted a comment   

Me too. I think Norton is too much of a monopoly any way. I know there are choices out there but who is to say these companies aren't helping to make the threats for which they say they protect! On another note, my Norton 10 was working just fine on leopard until December 18th when I did the latest virus def update. Then it failed to load and kept popping up messages that it was out of date. Kind of suspicious don’t you think as they had just released the “latest” version?


danrox77 posted a comment   

good point, Benny. I agree; a/v software can be so buggy sometimes and slow down the computer dramatically; I use a Mac coz of its speed.


Benny posted a comment   

Why bother? They say just to be safe, but unless you're particularly stupid there aren't any viruses out there you're likely to catch. With the release of Leopard, OSX is now fully Unix compliant, and as such viruses are next to impossible to install without you knowing about it.

As for preventing yourself from being a carrier ... let Windows users worry about themselves and install their own Anti-virus software. There's no reason to slow down your computer and open up security flaws by letting Norton into the guts of your Mac.

IF viruses are ever problems on Macs, install anti-virus software then. But not before.

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