NSW gets live traffic maps in $3m upgrade

The NSW Government has finished a $3 million upgrade of its Transport Management Centre, including the provision of a new website that allows road users to glean real-time information about NSW road conditions.

NSW live traffic site

NSW Live traffic site (Screenshot by Suzanne Tindal/ZDNet Australia)

The Transport Management Centre, the "nerve centre" of NSW's 180,000-kilometre road network, houses around 145 staff from the Roads and Traffic Authority, Transport NSW, Police and emergency services. They use CCTV cameras to monitor traffic and roads and coordinate responses.

The centre has received a revamp with $1.4 million spent on a video wall, allowing staff to control up to 1100 CCTV cameras at a time.

"That will mean the centre can more effectively monitor and manage incidents and allocate incident response resources across the road network," NSW Roads Minister David Borger said in a statement.

The centre has also been allocated 23 new workstations. They will "improve the coordinated response to major incidents", according to Borger.

A new live traffic website has also been launched, giving drivers real-time information on traffic conditions. They will be able to use a trip planner on the site, which can give directions taking into account traffic volumes, incidents and planned roadworks.

The site allows users to see the traffic from 66 live CCTV cameras. The old site, which was text based rather than map based, only had 24 traffic feeds.

Major traffic incidents, traffic hazard information, traffic density and variable message sites will be marked on the map.

"The site will also be mobile phone accessible, so you can check what is happening on the road ahead by pulling over and checking out the website," Borger said.

"This is about keeping NSW's 5 million motorists moving," he said.

Via ZDNet.com.au

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Tim posted a comment   

Handy Site, However - Why is there no details on the traffic for the M2 ...? Is it's speed and congestion that embarrassing?


Overspend posted a comment   

This is a really useful site if you're driving with a laptop or ipad. To use it on the road is a pain, esp if you have a basic 3G phone for which you can't access the site making it completely useless. The RTA needs to make a text only site available like the old site


Damo posted a comment   

Awesome! I already occasionally use an app which displays (scrapes from the RTA website presumably) up to date images from the RTA cams around Sydney.
Hopefully this new info will be packaged in an easily accessible format too!


SOSsteve.com.au posted a comment   

Wow, this is a very smart initiative. I hope NSW motorist will appreciate it.

Now if they add a few traffic flow/estimated time to destination indicator boards (like in Melbourne from the airport to the city etc), people may plan in the right expectations to get to their destination.
No doubt, here is an opportunity for an iPhone app.

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