Nvidia on Apple's iPad A5X graphics claims: show us the benchmarks

Apple's A5X allegedly has four times the performance of Nvidia's Tegra 3 chip, but without benchmarks and footnotes, the claims ring hollow.

Nice chart, but some benchmarks and footnotes would be nice.
(Credit: GDGT)

Apple took direct aim at Nvidia's Tegra 3 — a processor for a new batch of superphones — when it launched its latest iPad this week. The problem: Apple had a chart showing that it has four times the performance of Tegra 3, but provided no benchmarks or footnotes.

Anyone accustomed to the Intel-AMD benchmark wars knows that any chart has more footnotes than a commercial for antidepressants. That's why Apple's chart looked off. Nvidia was digesting Apple's iPad claims just like everyone else via live blogs.

Ken Brown, a spokesman for Nvidia, said that it was "certainly flattering" to be called out by Apple, but the performance claims are sketchy without more data. "We don't have the benchmark information," said Brown. "We have to understand what the application was that was used. Was it one, or a variety of applications? What drivers were used? There are so many issues to get into with benchmark."

Will Apple provide those benchmarks? It's doubtful. However, Nvidia plans to get a new iPad when they go on sale on 16 March, and do some comparisons tablet to tablet. "At some point, it will become more clear what the performance really is," said Brown. "For now, Apple has a really generic statement."

Via ZDNet US

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ChristopherM2 posted a comment   

think Apple have confused the Tegra 3 with the Tegra 2, the A5 processor wasn't THAT much better than the Tegra 2 but I could believe that the A5X was almost 4* better. I think the difference between the A5X


heyhowie posted a comment   

Have they done tests that even prove the A5 is two times as fast as the tegra 3?


Will1505 posted a reply   

yeah, i was of the belief that the tegra two pretty much kept up with the A5. The only thing it might be refering to (and even then i dont think it would be the case) and processing with a high resolution display.

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