Ocarina of Time's Hyrule recreated in Minecraft

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One clever Minecrafter has recreated the entirety of Hyrule as seen in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

(Credit: Kezsonaj)

Forget Great Britain, Westeros and Azeroth: our hearts belong to Hyrule.

Minecraft Hyrule, that is (although Hyrule in general is pretty great). Minecrafter Kezsonaj has just finished a six-month project recreating the entire world, Ocarina of Time-style, in Minecraft — both pre- and post-destruction, side by side. The only thing missing is the adult dungeons.

(Credit: Kezsonaj)

"Everything in this Save I built from scratch," Kezsonaj wrote on the Minecraft forum. "From the Interiors to the landscape, and to the castles and the Great Deku Tree. This is for the community, for all the Zelda Fans out there that love Ocarina of Time. The build took me quite a while. I have dedicated a lot of my time to building and polishing of this map and I hope all of you enjoy playing in it. The map will be released soon for everyone to play on it."

Kezsonaj did not state how many blocks he used, but that information, we assume, will be revealed when the build is available for download, in around a week or so.

If you absolutely can't wait to get in on some Zelda Minecraft action, though... it turns out that Kezsonaj is one busy Zelda fan. He has also built most of Twilight Princess, and is working on Majora's Mask, Wind Waker, and a Zelda Minecraft server combining all four maps.

Head over to the Minecraft forums for more images of Hyrule (Ocarina of Time version) and to bookmark the page in anticipation of the download pack.

Update: The ownership of this work is in dispute. See Reddit threads here and here, and the Project Hyrule website for more information.

(Credit: Kezsonaj)

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Chapmic posted a comment   

Some updates here. I had a discussion with ProjectHyrule, and they're not bad people at all. They're not trying to take down Kezsonaj's work. But after seeing that his Hyrule Market was very similar to their, the were a bit upset, because it reminded them of the time when Kezsonaj published the map without permission after he left the project. I remember this perfectly. But now, they decided to upgrade their project with better builds, so both projects can continue without problems.


MorganL posted a comment   

Also, Project Hyrule just copied and pasted what they posted on our comments on 2/17. Which I think our stories coincided. I don't want to publish my private e-mail here, but email my alternate themorgann@yahoo.com if you have any questions please.



MorganL posted a comment   


This is Morgan Lewis. I am a reporter/news correspondent for Zelda Universe who originally broke this story last Monday or Tuesday. I have investigated this thoroughly, and have indisputable evidence that this is in fact Kezsonaj's sole work and he retains full ownership of the map. Rene and Cereal Bawks from Project Hyrule have not given me one piece of credible evidence to say otherwise, and when I push for concrete evidence, I get the runaround. If you need evidence, I would be happy to share as a fellow journalist, but I will not share my evidence with the current Project Hyrule staff.

While Kezsonaj has been incredibly forthcoming with me about evidence and proof of ownership, Rene, the current head of Project Hyrule, has given me absolutely nothing concrete. I want to clear this up because it's gotten to the point where I have had to run around to different sites who are reporting on our story because Rene and Cereal Bawks from project Hyrule are claiming that this is stolen property, which it is not.

Best Regards,



ProjectHyrule posted a comment   

Saw this posted earlier today, it is posted here a long with on a other few sites. Ill give you a copy paste of what i sent the others:

Kezsonaj used to be a member of Project Hyrule, till he stole our map, and claimed it ours. This is basically ours, with the houses and builds resized. Read more here; http://www.planetmin...ime-recreation/

Check the reddit post for proof:

Website for more proof: http://project-hyrule.net/archives/582

All his old posts on reddit about this, was also deleted for the reason it was stolen.

I'd appreciate if this would either be removed, or proper credit would be given.

Thank you.

Kind regards, René - Owner of PH


Chapmic posted a reply   

Michelle, do not believe what ProjectHyrule said. They're trying to take down Kezsonaj's work for personal reasons, and their only "proof" is that some buildings are similar to the ones they have made. It's based on the same game, so similar buildings is not a proof. Kezsonaj already proven multiple times he is the creator of the map. I had to warn you.


MorganL posted a reply   

Rene, this has to stop. No theft took place. I am tired of having to go from site to site to refute your allegations when you have been given so many chances to supply me with evidence yet haven't. Give up already.

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