Oculus Rift confirmed for Android

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Oculus VR CEO Brendan Iribe has confirmed that a version of the headset compatible with Android will be launched as close as possible to the PC version release.

(Credit: Oculus VR)

Delivering his keynote at the GamesBeat 2013 conference on 29 October, Iribe revealed that Oculus VR has been working on an Android-compatible Oculus Rift for what the company is hoping to be a simultaneous release, VentureBeat has reported.

"We have some exciting plans on the mobile VR side as [well as on] the PC VR side," Iribe said. "We're really looking at hitting the consumer market. We're very excited about what we're seeing. Sceptical about how good mobile VR could be on such a small platform? It's pretty incredible what ... [chief technology officer John Carmack has] been able to do."

Earlier this month, Iribe also mentioned that the company was working on a 4K version of the headset.

Of course, there is still no word on when the consumer version of the Oculus Rift — slated to be smaller and lighter than the developer kit currently available — will launch, with the company only insisting on an undefined "soon". At this point, we'd be happy to see just one version make it to the consumer market.

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