Oculus Rift kits delayed until March

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The Kickstarted head-mounted video display has had a few hiccups in the manufacturing stage, thanks to the massive success of its campaign.

The most recent Oculus prototype.
(Credit: Oculus Rift)

Oculus Rift was one of 2012's stand-out Kickstarter campaigns — a head-mounted 3D display that people threw money at like it was snake oil in the 1880s.

Sadly, Oculus has announced on its Kickstarter page that the dev kits — part of the package for anyone who pledged more than US$300 — are being delayed until March.

This, apparently, is due to the manufacturing of the plastic-moulded shell; the Kickstarter was so successful that the order had to be upped from "a few hundred" to thousands, causing problems for the company doing the work.

There were also some problems with sourcing the 5.6-inch LCD screens in bulk, so the new-look Oculus sports a 7-inch screen with 1200x800 resolution, adding about 30g to the weight.

(Credit: Oculus Rift)

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