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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

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Of course it won't be called the iPhone 5

Apple pundits love to claim that they've predicted the future. But claiming that the next iPhone won't be called the iPhone 5? Obvious prediction is obvious.

(Credit: Apple)

Quite fundamentally, the next iPhone is not the iPhone 5. It's not the fifth iPhone. That was the iPhone 4S. So why hasn't anyone been referring to the next model as the iPhone 6?

Naturally, it comes down to what people have been searching for information on. The drive to win the search arms race means that no one can avoid using the "iPhone 5" tag until the next iPhone is finally announced. If people are searching for buzz about the iPhone 5, then writers will use that label until proved otherwise. It's silly, but it's the internet.

For mine, I think the next iPhone will simply be called "iPhone". Launched as "the new iPhone", just like this year's iPad.

Apple doesn't do multiple models per year, so confusion isn't a problem. It's either the 2012 model or it's some other year's model. Which one do you mean? Oh, that one. Simple.

Regardless, the name could be one of many things. It could be the iPhone Tall, iPhone Wide or iPhone 6. It won't be — they'd be ridiculous — but at least they'd make sense.

But iPhone 5? Not a chance.

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ThomasC2 posted a comment   

you should probably get rid of this article now?


brisbanevalley posted a comment   

methinks there are too many people with too many computers and spare time on their hands to make anything seen on the internet actually real.
it is like winnie the pooh - children believe it is real sadly many of these children have got older bought a computer and still believe winnie is a real person.


ZoranZ1 posted a comment   

Im gonna go with, who cares :p i just hope it has some new features to set it apart from the 4S


Zid posted a comment   

Good to see you're going out on a limb amid all the presumptions that it will be called the iPhone 5. It could be called the iPhone 4G. The absence of an iPhone 2 allowed for the iPhone 3 to be released and subsequently the iPhone 3G to arrive in line with the emergence of 3G data. Though it is highly unlikely to be called the 4G even if the new phone does support 4G speeds (I certainly feel that it is imperative the iPhone supports 4G speeds, and this time be compatible with Australian 4G frequencies). The next iPhone to be released will more than likely be the iPhone 5, if for no other reason other than the presence of alliteration in the name.


Chandler posted a reply   

I disagree - I see where Seamus is going with his line of thought. Apple's other product lines lines don't have iterations at the end of their name (1, 2, 3) - i.e. Macbook Pro (2012), iPod Shuffle - and with Apple going that same line with the "new iPad", I think Seamus is right on the money saying that Apple may go the same path the the new "iPhone".

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