Official Guild Wars 2 trailer is mystifying

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The launch trailer features parkour, firewalking and graffiti — with a tiny bit of Guild Wars 2 at the end.

Obviously about GW2.
(Screenshot by CNET)

ArenaNet, the maker of Guild Wars 2, has released the official trailer for the game, made with some help from director James McTeigue (V for Vendetta, Ninja Assassin). Please note that we're not sure whether he actually directed it — the YouTube page merely mentions that McTeigue was "brought on-board to lend his revolutionary zeal and craftsman's eye".

The end result? We'll let the trailer speak for itself, but suffice to say that we were reminded heavily of the commercial that McMahon and Tate produce for Homer's "Mr Plow" business.

"Dad, was that your ad?"

"I don't know!"

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ResoLite posted a comment   

Play Guild Wars 2 and you can be a fire-walking gas-mask wearing rebel graffiti artist! Also sweet face paint will materialise on your face when you walk out of lakes! I'm sold.

Perhaps if the trailer were shortened to just from around point 1:28 to the end it would seem a lot more relevant and a lot less pointlessly melodramatic.

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