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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Official Lego Simpsons house revealed

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(Credit: Carlos S)

It seems the Lego set of The Simpsons arriving in 2014 is confirmed, with an official-looking box appearing on Lego forum EuroBricks.

This year, Lego will be branching out into a new partnership — with 20th Century Fox's long-running cartoon The Simpsons, according to a story on posted in August on The Associated Press. And now we have more of an idea of what the set will look like, thanks to EuroBricks forum user Carlos S (who did not expand on how it was acquired).

He has posted what appears to be a very official-looking box for a set called The Simpsons House. The massive 2523-piece set includes (obviously) the home of the Simpsons family, with a hinged construction that allows it to be opened up and played with, and Homer's iconic pink car in the garage. It also includes minifigs of the Simpsons family, as well as neighbourino Ned Flanders.

The minifigs have custom moulded heads instead of the standard Lego heads, as seen in images spotted on eBay in early December.

Pricing and a release date are yet to be confirmed — as is Australian availability in general. So far, the set has only been confirmed for the US and European markets.


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