Olympus Pen E-P2 leaked

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The official announcement is scheduled for next week, but the Olympus China website has outed the next iteration of the Pen camera, the E-P2.

Rumours site Photo Rumors spotted this little faux pas from the official website, and while there is no actual image available of the camera, it seems to be all but confirmed.

(Screenshot by CNET Australia)

The new camera will most likely feature an electronic viewfinder and flash, in response to two of the most common criticisms levelled at the original Pen E-P1. Akira Watanabe, the main designer behind the E-P1, has gone on record saying that the new camera will have a faster AF system and stay a similar shape as the current Pen camera.

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Donny posted a comment   

You sir are a d**k. dont look at web site then, i dont think its for you with that kind of comment


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why does anyone care about if this camera is leaked????

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