Olympus Tough 720SW

If you're after a camera that can survive the knocks, splashes and general messy nature of everyday life -- especially everyday family life -- then the Olympus 720SW is a very sensible buy.

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User Reviews / Comments  Olympus Tough 720SW

  • Natalie


    "This is my first digital camera, and I've had it for almost 4 years, and it's still in great working condition.

    I've used it in pools hundreds of times and also in the ocean, and I'v..."

  • Paul



    "Flooded on first contact with water 30cm deep. Warrantly replacement was very slow. Shop said flooding was very rare, but I have a friend on her 4th camera - each one has flooded within warranty pe..."

  • ddawgslc



    "horrible.. i am a very outdoorsy person.. i hate this camera"

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