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An online quiz set up by British bookmaker Ladbrokes has found that iPhone users are quicker to answer problems correctly than other smartphone users.

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It's possibly the silliest rivalry of our age, but that doesn't stop some smartphone users declaring their superiority over others. An online quiz set up by a betting firm may not provide a definitive answer, but according to the UK's Ladbrokes, the results are more or less in: when it comes to answering brain teaser-style questions, iPhone users are the fastest to find the correct answer.

The quiz, called "A Test of Wits", lets you select your phone's brand from a drop-down list of 11 options: Apple, Google, Samsung, Huawei, Nokia, Motorola, BlackBerry, HTC, Sony, LG and "Other".

The quiz poses seven randomised brain teasers, the like of which are commonly seen in online IQ tests, with four multiple-choice answers. Users can click away at the answers until they find the right one; therefore, the "wit" of the user is tested by how long it takes them to get complete the quiz correctly.

iPhone users were the fastest with an average of 94 seconds, followed by Google users at 99 seconds. Samsung brought up third place with 103 seconds, followed by HTC at 105 seconds, Nokia at 109 seconds and BlackBerry at 118 seconds. However, the fastest time of all was from a Samsung user, at 47 seconds.

Of course, that said, there are many different kinds of intelligence, and we'd be hesitant in relying on an online test for anything. Perhaps the best course of action is to enjoy a few seconds of entertainment, then go back to your life confident in the knowledge that, as long as you're happy with your phone, what anyone else does really doesn't matter at all.

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