Optus 4G goes live in Melbourne

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Optus today announced that the Melbourne expansion of its 4G network is now live, covering the city for approximately 10km from the CDB.

Optus 4G coverage in Melbourne.
(Credit: Optus)

The telco is claiming to have the largest 4G footprint in the Melbourne metro area, with a block of coverage stretching from St Alban's to Doncaster, and north to Campbellfield. Based on the 1800Mhz frequency, the Optus 4G long-term evolution (LTE) network is capable of data speeds of up to 50Mbps.

With the network in its infancy, the range of compatible devices available through Optus is still quite small. Customers can pick up a single-user USB modem or Wi-Fi modem to share with up to five other users. Optus also has two new 4G smartphones coming soon: the Samsung Galaxy S3 4G and the Apple iPhone 5.

Optus has been rolling out access to its 4G network since mid-year, starting with a test service in Newcastle, followed by a commercial launch in Sydney and Perth. Telstra also offers a 4G service, with coverage in most of Australia's capital cities and a number or major regional hubs.

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