Optus offers 'unlimited' broadband plans

The nation's second-largest telco, Optus, has revamped its broadband plans, including new "unlimited" download quotas and sizable allowances even on lower-end plans — for example, 120GB for AU$59.99 a month on a two-year contract.

Optus Unlimited plans

(Credit: Optus)

"We have listened to feedback from our customers and developed a range of broadband plans that combine extra data with greater value and more freedom," said Optus' consumer marketing director Austin R. Bryan in a statement this morning. News of the plans was first broken by iTnews in late March.

Customers on Optus' naked DSL offering can now sign up to plans offering them 120GB, 150GB and 170GB of monthly data downloads for AU$59.99, AU$69.99 and AU$79.99 a month respectively. The telco will shape connections down to 64Kbps after that point.

The telco will also offer two "unlimited" plans, which do technically allow unlimited downloads, but will be shaped down to 256Kbps speeds after 100GB or 200GB of data is downloaded, for AU$109.99 or AU$139.99 per month respectively. All of the plans are on two-year contracts with an AU$249 connection fee, and the lower plans have separate on-peak and off-peak quotas.

The company is also offering incentives for customers to bundle its home phone, broadband and mobile services together.

"As customers download more music, TV shows and movies or access more user-generated content online, Optus is thinking bigger and giving customers the option to use the internet when they want as much as they'd like to, without having to worry about download limits or excess charges," Bryan said.

The news comes as Australian ISPs are increasingly offering their customers so-called "Unlimited" broadband plans, which do not have a set amount they can download.

For example, in mid-February AAPT launched what it described as "24/7 Unlimited Broadband". The plan does not come with data caps or throttling, and includes home phone line rental and music downloads and streaming for AU$99.95 per month on a two-year contract.

"This is a milestone day for Australia as AAPT's benchmark decision will force our major competitors to do the same thing. All Australians will benefit from AAPT leading the way with unlimited broadband," said AAPT chief executive Paul Broad at the time.

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random posted a comment   

connection fee is FREE, when you do it online
as in buy online


upgrade posted a comment   

i have 20 gb optus internet can i just upgrade fro free or do i have to play connection fee


Anonymous posted a comment   

the plan isn't bad if you know what your doing. I got the 120gb plan it has 50gb and 70gb off peak, compared to all the other companies this is very cheap and other companies do charge connection fee. I didn't have to pay connection because my home phone is bundled with it. For anyone that wants to get this plan just read the fine print first


Staff posted a comment   

Its funny that compared to what i have seen Other telcos put out so far its still good, and considering if you download over 200GB and the Gov't asks for it everyone except iinet will gladly give them all th sites you have visited.

Thats why they would throttle it i imagine. (Still **** though)


S posted a comment   

Hmm.....How else can we make more money as a company?
Oooh I know....why dont we have a 100 GB/200 GB plan ...call it unlimited and charge the suckers a $249 installation fee!!


$249 connection fee posted a comment   

Rumour has it that the connection fee covers two bikini girls that will keep you entertained while the technician gets you connected.


overseas posted a comment   

I still cant believe that Australia has these ridiculous plans still. i am currently overseas and i pay roughly $25 for unlimited internet at 35Mbs. How long do we have to wait to get reasonable prices with reasonable speeds?


D posted a comment   

Now Telstra has no choice but to also alter their plans


Ripped Off posted a comment   

I'll be happy when Bigpond has some competition in the Latrobe Valley so we can get similar deals to those they enjoy in Melbourne. I'm paying $79.95 pm for 25GB ADSL. My brother in Melbourne get 120GB for $49.95 - where's the justice in that?


Ratface posted a comment   

Still a ripoff compared to other countries. What's with the $249 connection fee??? Their 'unlimited download' terms are a bit of a joke. Unlimited but after 100/200GB you get throttled back to 256k. Wow, where do I sign up?

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