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Optus is asking its customers to choose between two of the most popular handsets of 2008, the iPhone 3G and the Android-powered HTC Dream.

Optus will make the Dream available on four plans similar to those it used for the iPhone: $59 and $79 "yes" Cap plans, plus $99 and $129 "yes" Timeless contracts that include unlimited national calls and messages.

Differences in the handsets aside, we take a close look at how much each phone will cost when Optus releases the Dream on 16 February.

$59 "yes" Cap plan

Monthly spend
Handset payment
Included calls
Included data
Minimum total cost
HTC Dream $59 $15p/m* $350 500MB $1,776
iPhone 3G $59 $3p/m* $350 500MB $1,416

$79 "yes" Cap plan

Monthly spend
Handset payment
Included calls
Included data
Minimum total cost
HTC Dream $79 $13p/m* $550 700MB $2,208
iPhone 3G $79 $0p/m* $550 700MB $1,896

$99 "yes" Timeless plan

Monthly spend
Handset payment
Included calls
Included data
Minimum total cost
HTC Dream $113.95 $9p/m* Unlimited** 1.5GB $2,950.80
iPhone 3G $113.95 $0p/m* Unlimited** 1.5GB $2,734.80

$129 "yes" Timeless plan

Monthly spend
Handset payment
Included calls
Included data
Minimum total cost
HTC Dream $129 $3p/m* Unlimited** 3GB $3,168
iPhone 3G $129 $0p/m* Unlimited** 3GB $3,096

*p/m = per month
**Unlimited = unlimited calls and text messages to Australian mobiles and landlines.
8GB iPhone 3G models were used for comparison in these tables

So the Google phone will cost more than the iPhone 3G. Do you think it's worth the extra money? Does the idea of free apps on the Android Market add the extra value you want to buy the Dream? Tell us below in the talkback or jump on the forums.

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fluid215 posted a comment   

iPhone is a simple toy for simple mines,nowhere near smartphone actually looooong way off.Anyway the real issue,why our MobileServiceProviders cant come up with decent plans,data plan r a joke.


ross posted a comment   

Why cant optus and other carriers offer a more afforadable data plan for other phones other than iphone and the google phone?. New phones are coming out on the market and they plug the fact they are internet mobile let it will cost u an arm and a leg if you ever used the function with with any carrrier. Not everone wants a iphone but its the only option on the market that has a decent internet plan combined with mobile calls.


xlev posted a comment   

Well I think oputs har horrible deals since you can buy thi phone on ebay for around $900 outright and optus is charging you double that plus you are signing a 2 years contract...what a bullshit!


KnightT posted a comment   

maybe getting the developer phone is a better choice ? only USD$399 $25


dontbuyaniphone posted a comment   

The iphone is a waste of money if your buying it as anything more than a toy. If you're actually using it as a smartphone, it is inferior in almost every category. no copy/paste, no physical keyboard, no turn-by-turn navigation, no mms, no multitasking and thats just for starters. If you're thinking of buying an iphone so you can work on it, dont, save yourself the money and buy a phone that has none of the essential features you need just so you can play pacman on it.


Andrew posted a comment   

Numbersinflash has plan calculator that works all this out for you http://www.numbersinaflash.com/htc-dream/


Andrew posted a comment   

This is one of the worst articles i have seen. Is it me or is this lazy work by cnet.com.au? So the only difference is the handset repayments, do they think by putting up a table then that is enough for a story.

I am an iPhone owner and think its the best thing since sliced bread and happy to see that its not the most expensive phone out there but this is worthy of story. There are a few things that i don't think makes since in this story.

1) "iPhone Vs. Android" as the title?

2) Im sure that HTC Dream is not one of the popular phones in 2008. It could be in 2009 but not 2008.

3) There is clearly no story here, so why write about it?

I have a question for Cnet.com.au. Do you pay your writes for these stories. If so i think you might be overpaying them.

Sorry to vent, but im sure some of you out there feel the same.


IphoneGuru posted a comment   

Notice the review fails to show the contract length as Optus let you choose between 24 month or 12 months.


dean.collins posted a comment   

Android is the only way to go.
not being able to run multiple apps simultaneously is a deal killer for me.

plus i like to be able to choose which apps i want to install, not only those 'selected' for me by the apple censors.....



damian80 posted a comment   

iPhone all day. iPhone killers will only ever be convicted of attempted murder for some time to come. The competition has a long way to go and by then, we all know apple will have raised the bar again - A paradigm I am happy with - for now.

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