Optus switches on 4G in Gold Coast, Brisbane next week

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Optus today announced that it has switched on its 4G long-term evolution (LTE) services in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Four sites on the Gold Coast and five sites in Brisbane will power the initial roll-out of the 4G network in Queensland. Optus promises to add more sites in Brisbane throughout December and January, and aims to add 4G coverage in parts of Surfer's Paradise before Christmas.

These new 4G sites add to the growing Optus 4G network, which is already active in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

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Chandler posted a comment   

Having only just switched to Optus, I think they need to improved their 3G network in Brisbane before they start worrying about 4G.

And it's even something less to worry about when you look at the battery life of 4G phones at the moment...

IMO, 4G (on smartphones at least) is a gimmick at present.

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