Optus taking pre-orders for BlackBerry Z10

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The telco will begin delivering the new BlackBerry handset to customers from 25 March.

The Z10 (left) will be followed by the Q10 later in the year.
(Credit: Joseph Hanlon/CNET)

The BlackBerry Z10 has an official Australian launch date set for 18 March, but Optus has jumped the gun to announce its pricing for the new handset.

The Z10 will be available on the AU$60 per month plan with a AU$6 handset repayment each month. This includes "$650 of included value, 1.5GB mobile data, unlimited standard national SMS and unlimited voice calls to Optus mobiles".

It;'s the same deal whether you're on the consumer or business plan, with the total minimum cost being AU$1584 over the 24 month contract. The handset by itself currently sells for $724 at the BlackBerry Store.

We expect Telstra to have its pricing finalised for the Z10 soon.

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Ga_jigga posted a comment   

Me too, there is still nothing (I have seen) better for a work phone. Don't need lots of gimmicky apps and games at work. Just reliability with an easy, intuitive interface to maintain schedules/contacts/emails etc and easy sync to PC (without itunes) plus a reliable battery to get through a couple of days without charge.
Use a GalaxySIII for personal phone and that feels like a chore sometimes.


RichardE1 posted a comment   

Who still uses blackberry?!


somedude. posted a reply   

Me :)

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