Optus TV adds 18 channels to Fetch service

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Optus today announced that 18 new channels have been added to its Fetch TV offering as an optional extra to customers for AU$10 per month.

(Credit: Optus)

The new channels include many of those that are also available on rival Foxtel, like MTV, Fox Sports, National Geographic, Discovery Home and Helath, BBC World News and Animal Planet.

The rebranded Fecth TV service is available to all Optus customers that have a post-paid mobile plan or fixed-line broadband plan, with the basic package costing AU$9.95 per month on a 24-month contract. Customers can then choose to add content packages to their account, including the new TV channels, a selection of feature films, "World" channels, sports or new release movie rentals.

The Fetch TV box is also a personal video recorder (PVR) with 1TB storage. Full pricing and channel details can be found on the Optus website.

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